Coding and micro:bits

Coding and micro:bits

Learn the basics of computer code using programming languages like Scratch and Python, and test out your code on a BBC micro:bit.

If you are a complete beginner, you might want to start with one of the many Scratch tutorials and learn the basics by coding with blocks.

For more advanced coding, you may prefer to delve straight into Python or Javascript and start coding with text. There is a special online Python editor if you want to program a micro:bit with Python. To code the micro:bit with Javascript, use Microsoft's free MakeCode editor.

To find out more about the BBC:micro:bit and try out some different coding projects, you can:

Got a smartphone or tablet? Why not download the micro:bit app from the apple app store or google play store.                

Check out some coding projects:

First Codes - learn the basics first!

Make a flashing heart

Use the LEDs to create a flashing heart.

Name Tag

Tell everyone your name with this name tag.


Playing your favourite game but lose your dice? Make one!

Smiley Buttons

Use the A and B buttons to show a happy or sad face.

Temperature Sensor

 Check the temperature using the micro:bit's sensors.

Night Light

Create a light that you can make brighter and brighter!

Coin Flipper

 Heads or tails? Find out with this project.

Game of Chance

Make a chance or Yes/No game with multiple choice.


More confident

Soil Moisture  

Find out the moisture of the soil. Accessories required.



Banana Keyboard

Make a keyboard with bananas! Accessories required.

Light Level

Create a light detector. Watch the graph change in the dark.



Rock, Paper, Scissors

Play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. 


Fortune Teller 

See into the future and ask the micro:bit any Yes/No question.



Find which direction you're facing with this project.



Interactive Badge 

Show your mood with either happy or sad animated faces.





Make Headphones 

Listen to the micro:bit with headphones. Accessories required.



Mission Sonic 

Help the Doctor in these three projects. Accessories required. 



Mission Decode

Help the Doctor in these three projects. Accessories required. 


Mission Hack

Help the Doctor in these three projects. Accessories required. 




Play music and your own beat box by pressing the A and B buttons.



Reaction Game 

Who has the fastest fingers? Find out with this game.



Frustration Game 

Make a frustration game. Accessories required. 

Against the Clock 

Race against the clock with this fun game. 

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