Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Find out how West Sussex Library Service can support the Volunteering and Skills sections of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

The Duke of Edinburgh award (D of E) is an international youth achievement award and opportunity for young people aged 14-25. It's a fantastic way to demonstrate your commitment, communication, leadership and team work which will support future applications for college, university, jobs and apprenticeships.

Which D of E sections and levels can I complete at the library?

West Sussex Library Service can provide opportunities to support the Volunteering or Skills sections of the Award at Bronze level (3 or 6 months) or Silver level (6 months).  We do not currently support the D of E Award at Gold level (12 months).

What's the time commitment for completing my D of E at a library?

To achieve your Bronze and Silver award, you must complete your activity with a regular time commitment of an average of 1 hour per week. The minimum is 3 months and the maximum is 6 months. There is some flexibility for family holidays and/or illness with agreement from your D of E leader or Library assessor.

Can I complete my D of E at any West Sussex Library?

You can usually complete your volunteering or skills sections at one of our larger libraries and our current D of E vacancies can be found on the Library Volunteer Vacancies page. Please apply early as D of E opportunities are very popular and numbers at each library are limited.

How old do I have to be to complete my D of E at the library?

D of E is an opportunity for young people aged 14-25. If you are under 18, we will complete a Young Person’s Risk Assessment which will need to be signed by a parent or guardian before you start.

What kind of activities can I do for my D of E at the Library? 

There are lots of different library activities that you could get involved with for your D of E Volunteering and Skills sections. You are encouraged to think about your own interests and outline your aims and ideas. This is an opportunity for you to research and decide what you would like to achieve and develop an idea that is specific and relevant to you. Library staff can offer support and guidance and we have lots of Duke of Edinburgh award ideas to get you started. Please speak to your leader to plan and think about your activity before you start.

Not yet started?

If you are interested in taking part ask at your school or college, or find out more on the Duke of Edinburgh's Award website.

If you have any questions about D of E in West Sussex, or to find your nearest centre in West Sussex visit YourSPACE or email dofe@westsussex.gov.uk

All our current D of E vacancies are listed on our Library Volunteer Vacancies page and all applications are made online using the volunteer application form. Once we have received your application we will contact you to discuss what happens next.  D of E opportunities at the library are very popular and numbers at each library are limited, so please apply in plenty of time.

Before you apply

West Sussex Library Service offers a range of different activities to support your D of E. Please make sure that you are already registered with your nearest D of E centre before you apply. Also speak to your D of E leader before you start planning your activity, to make sure that your ideas meet the criteria required.

What happens once I have finished my DofE activity at the library?

When you have completed your DofE activity at the library, your named assessor will meet with you at the library to review your experience and complete their online DofE Assessors Report. They may ask you for some feedback of your experience and would love to see any photos your activity to help encourage other DofE volunteers in the future. Finally you will receive your DofE certificate as evidence of your DofE activity at the library.

Grace's story

“Volunteering at the library gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to learn new skills such as shelving and shelf checks. This experience was one that I won’t forget, and one that I enjoyed so much I even signed up for the Summer Reading Challenge. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone thinking of volunteering at the library for their D of E.”

Alice's D of E experience

“Doing this has improved my confidence around other people and children. I learnt to use my initiative and it helped me to notice when things weren’t going well and made me think about ways to make it better. It was great to be at the library because everyone was so friendly and always helped me out.”

“I would really recommend volunteering at the library to others as I have got so much from it and I now have a better understanding of working and responsibilities. I have enjoyed it so much that I am now volunteering for the Summer Reading Challenge and will probably want to do it every year – if they will have me?”


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