Duke of Edinburgh Award Ideas

Duke of Edinburgh Award Ideas

There are lots of different library activities that you could get involved with.

This is an opportunity for you to research and decide what you would like to achieve and develop an idea that is specific and relevant to you. Library staff can offer support and guidance but please speak to your DofE leader to plan and think about your activity before you start.


Volunteering is simple. It’s about choosing to give some time to do something useful, without getting paid. The aim is to make a difference by helping people, the community and regularly commit to an activity over a period of time. Activities can vary depending on the size of the library, availability and time of year, but some ideas include:


Help to create a display to promote a specific area of library stock to customers (adults, teenagers, children, toy library etc.) Create the posters, choose the items and top it up every week. Remember to take photos to show your work and progress.

Bookflix library display


Choose and research a specific service offered at the library. For example, eMagazines, online resources, resources for people with dementia etc. Design a poster, leaflet or write an article for the school magazine. Consider the use of social media.

Book reviews

Write some book reviews and include them in a library display to promote new authors to customers. Add to it each week and don’t forget to take some photos.

Summer Reading Challenge

Help set up and run the Summer Reading Challenge. Prepare activity sheets, stickers etc. ready for the children taking part, talk to them about the books they enjoy and give out their rewards.

Children’s activities

Help support library staff at a weekly children’s activity in the library e.g. Storytime, singing at Baby Rhyme Time or after school board game session in the library. Collect evidence to show why children like attending the sessions and what role you played.

Research, testing or provide feedback

Help one of our specialist teams by researching or testing a new product, item of stock or assist with a specific project and provide feedback. For example Coding.

Library duties

Help library staff with general library duties and routines: tidying, shelving, helping customers with self-service kiosks. What difference can you make?

Craft activities

Develop your planning skills and help to organise and take part in a children’s craft activity.

Weekly library activities

Help at a weekly activity e.g. Relax with Colouring session. Be responsible for setting up the equipment, welcoming customers and tidying away at the end. Collect evidence about the difference that the session has made to individuals.

Relax with colouring poster


The skills section is about choosing an activity which is interesting and challenging and enables you to improve an existing skill or develop a new one. The aim is to develop practical and social skills, personal interests and show progression over a period of time. Libraries may be able to help support improving and developing Library and Information skills such as Family History or Coding.

Please speak to your DofE leader before you apply to make sure that your ideas for the skills section meet the criteria required and your progression can be measured over a period of time.

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