Elly Griffiths - The Novels that Shaped Our World

Elly Griffiths - The Novels that Shaped Our World

As part of the BBC Novels That Shaped Our World campaign we held events throughout February with three bestselling authors, to talk to them about the books that have inspired and influenced them and the role that reading has played in their lives. Find out the books that Elly Griffiths recommended here.


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The books and authors Elly has been reading in lockdown:

P.G. Wodehouse

Georgette Heyer

Stella Gibbons – Cold Comfort Farm

J.R.R. Tolkein – Lord of the Rings

Bill Bryson – Shakespeare: The World as a Stage

Elizabeth Jane Howard - Cazalet



On Lord of the Rings: “I wish I wasn’t living in these times… but so does everyone else and we must go forward.”



The books and authors Elly enjoyed as a child:

Neville Streatfeild – Ballet Shoes & The Painted Garden

Lewis Carroll – Alice in Wonderland

Paul Jennings

Richard Adams – Watership Down



On Alice in Wonderland: “It taught me that [reading] was a legitimate way of spending the day.”



The books Elly enjoyed as a teenager:

Mazo de la Roche – Whiteoaks of Jalna series

John Galsworthy – Forsyte saga

Elizabeth Jane Howard – Cazalet chronicles



A book that made Elly cry:

Sheila Burnford – The Incredible Journey

Richard Adams – Watership Down



Elly’s favourite historical reads:

Anything by Georgette Heyer – particularly An Infamous Army

C.J. Sansom – The Shardlake series



On C.J. Sansom – “he spent two weeks researching sheep, and there are two lines on sheep in the book… but you believe those two lines!”


The classic crime book Elly wishes she’d written:

Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone



The books and authors Elly has been gifted and loved:

Ann Cleeves

Ian Rankin

William Shaw

Kate Atkinson – The Jackson Brodie series

Lesley Thompson – The Detectives Daughter



Elly’s favourite audiobooks:

Richmal Crompton – Just William, read by Martin Jarvis

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter series, read by Stephen Fry



Elly’s favourite villains:

Satan from Paradise Lost (Milton)

Count Fosco from The Woman in White (Wilkie Collins)



On the Novels That Shaped the World Sherlock Holmes theme:

Nancy Springer – Enola Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle – Hound of the Baskervilles



Elly Griffiths’ favourite book:

Wilkie Collins – The Woman in White



Extra books and authors that Elly mentioned:

Agatha Christie


Maggie O’Farrell – Hamnet & This Must Be the Place

Ngaio Marsh

Nancy Spain – Cinderella Goes to the Morgue, Poison for Teacher, Death Goes on Skis

Wilkie Collins – No Name

Bram Stoker – Dracula

Ronald Knox’ Rules of Crime Writing – Ronald Knox


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