English Language Learning

English Language Learning

Homes for Ukraine Factsheet about how to get help with learning English.

You can also print or download this Homes for Ukraine English Language Learning Factsheet [546 KB] 


West Sussex Libraries have Transparent Language Online where you can learn over 110 languages, with English for speakers of over 30 languages, including Ukrainian. Transparent Language Online is available for free with your library card, in libraries, or anywhere on almost any device via mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Sam's School of English are offering 12 weeks of free courses

Resources for children and young people:

LearnEnglish Kids

BBC Learning English: Stories for Children

Learning Time With Timmy

Cambridge English

Books and other Resources

West Sussex Libraries have a collection of eBook adult fiction and children's ebooks in Ukrainian on the Libby app. You can download the Libby app to borrow up to 20 ebooks or audiobooks at a time, available for free with your library card. Through Press Reader you can read 1000s of UK and international digital newspapers and magazines for free with your library card. Publications are from over 100 countries and in 60 languages, including Ukrainian. Articles can be translated into 18 languages and you can listen to the news by using the audio narration function. Press Reader is available in libraries or anywhere via the website or app with your library card. 

With Britannica Library, you can translate articles into other languages, including Ukrainian. Select the globe icon at the top of the page to show the translation options. There are three levels, Junior, Student and Adult. You can access Britannica in a library, or from home with your library card.

The Ukrainian Unlimited Learning app by Odilo on Android and iOS, includes 3000 eBooks and audiobooks, including 1,700 Ukrainian titles and 500 in English, both for children and adults.

The West Sussex Library App, available on Android and iOS can now be changed from English to Ukrainian. Click on ‘My Account’, Click on the ‘Language’ tab, then select ‘Ukrainian’.


Google Translate or the SayHi translate app can help to overcome any language barriers experienced on a daily basis. SayHi can translate into speech or text on your device. See our SayHi translate helpsheet for more information.

If you need extra support urgently or have a particular appointment that will require comprehensive translation then please contact the Ukraine Support Team using TRANSLATION as the subject heading and the Community Hub can arrange an Interpreter.

The organisation Charity Translators have useful templates (for example Visa applications) and links to other national charities:

Sussex Interpreting Services (SIS) also have useful links and templates.

Community Hub and Ukraine Support Team contact information:

For urgent questions and queries please call on 0330 2227980. You can also email (open 7 days a week including weekends and bank holidays from 9.00am – 5.00pm).

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