Engravings of West Sussex

Engravings of West Sussex

This guide will show you how to search for, save and print images from local engravings scanned from originals held by West Sussex Library Service.

You can print or download this West Sussex engravings helpsheet [869 KB].

The West Sussex Engravings collection includes over 1,600 engravings, depicting views of every town and many villages in West Sussex, some dating back to the 1640s but most from the period 1760s to 1890s.

Searching the Engravings Collection

After you have logged on to the public computer, to access the Engravings Collection, double-click on the Documents icon on the desktop (circled in red).  

Screenshot of the documents icon on the public computer


Choose This PC then double-click Local History Sources.  

Screenshot of the documents folder on the public computers


Screenshot of the local history drive icon

Then double-click on Photographs and Pictures.

Screenshot of the photographs and pictures folder

Then double-click on Engravings.

Screen snip of the engravings folder

Then double-click on the folder you would like to look through.

Screen snip of the engravings folders content

You can use the Index to the Miscellaneous Prints and Engravings Spreadsheet saved in this folder to help you find what you’re looking for. You can either scroll down the spreadsheet and browse through the Folder Name column or do a keyword search.

To do a keyword search, select Find & Select on the right of the toolbar. Type your search term in the box and click Find all.

Screen snip of the find and select button


Screenshot of the search results


Screen snip of the find and replace function


To look through the results, click on Find Next.

Once you have found the images that you would like to see, make a note of the file names from the spreadsheets, then look for the images in the relevant folders. The prefix ‘wsl-‘ has been added to each image filename to denote the original is from ‘west sussex libraries’. File names ending in ‘a’ are scans of the reverse of the engravings.

Screenshot of engraving files


When you open the relevant folder, to display the files as image thumbnails, single click on View: Extra Large Icons

Screenshot of icon selections

Then you can see thumbnails of all the images in the folder. Double click on the individual files, to have a closer look.

Screen snip of engravings thumbnails


The files automatically open in Windows Photo Viewer, but if you right click and Open with Paint then you can Print and Save the images.

To print the image, click File from the toolbar, followed by Print.

To save the image, click File from the toolbar, followed by Save As.

Screenshot of image open in paint

The jpeg will automatically save to This PC – Pictures. If you have a memory stick, insert it into the USB port on the left-hand side of the PC monitor. Then find the location in the column on the left, and save your file there. If you don’t have a memory stick, you could email the image to yourself through your web-based email account eg Hotmail or Gmail.


Screenshot of file options


How to Use These Engravings

These are low resolution images which you can print, or save and email to yourself, for private use or research. If you share them on social media please mention that you obtained them from West Sussex CC Library Service.

Please note that West Sussex County Council Library Service created these files and owns the copyright. You must contact us to request permission before publishing or sharing them online, in print, talks or exhibitions as we shall require a specific credit line, and/or a link and may charge a fee if for commercial use. Commercial use is always welcomed and we can supply images for books, magazines, exhibitions, television etc. Just complete this online form for a no obligation quote.

You can also buy high resolution jpegs or enlarged prints on photographic paper from the Scanning Unit based at West Sussex Record Office. Just email our Record Office colleagues with the file name of any photographs, or attach the low resolution image(s) you downloaded, and mention whether you’d like a digital file or a particular size print.

If you have any queries about these sources, please email the enquiries team.


Other ways we can help you find the information that you need:

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This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service © 2021.



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