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Guidance for Reading Groups

Guidance for Reading Groups

Things to consider:

  • Where to meet - You could take turns to meet in each other’s homes or a public venue such as a community centre, church hall, or local pub.
  • How often to meet and what time of day - Most groups find that once a month works best - this gives plenty of time to read any book. The time of day depends on what is most suitable for all members. The most important thing is to keep venues, times and dates regular, so it is usually best to arrange dates in advance.
  • How long meetings should last - It is probably best to allow between 60 and 90 minutes for your discussion.
  • Coordination - Your group’s named contact will be responsible for:
    • looking after the group ticket
    • taking members’ contact details
    • placing requests
    • collecting the books from the library
    • collecting payments for overdue or lost or damaged books.
    It is advisable to note down which member has borrowed which copy (from the barcode at the front of the book), so it is clear who has incurred any charges.
  • Refreshments - Will you have them, who will be responsible for organising them, will you take it in turns?
  • Which books to read - You could read a variety of contemporary or classic fiction, biography, travel or crime, or just one genre.
  • Large print or audio - You will need to be careful to select books that are available in different formats if any members of your group require this.
  • Subscription renewal - Your group’s named contact will be responsible for managing the annual renewal process and subscription charge. A letter or email will be sent in advance of the renewal date.

Collecting books

Please collect your requested books as a complete set as close as possible to your given collection date. Uncollected books will be released for other library users one week after the collection date.

The person collecting the books does not have to be the named contact, but must have the Reading Group library card in order to borrow the books.

Loans and renewals

You will not be able to renew books after the seven-week loan period. This is to ensure they are available for other reading groups and library members. Contact library staff if there are exceptional circumstances about lost or unreturned items.

Overdue, lost or damaged items

Overdue charges at the current rate will be applied on group loans. This is to encourage members to return their books on time, making them available for other reading groups and library users. For any items that are lost or damaged, we would expect the named contact for the group to ensure relevant charges are recovered, or provide replacement copies.

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