Wi-Fi in the Library

Wi-Fi in the Library

This guide will help you connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to the library Wi-Fi.

You can print or download this library Wi-Fi helpsheet [879 KB].

All West Sussex libraries are linked to the wifi network and customers can connect to it while in the branch, using their laptop, tablet or smart phone. However, the network is not passworded, which means that sensitive transactions, such as online banking, should be avoided.

Using Apple devices

To connect to the Library Wi-fi, begin by choosing Settings. Click on Wi-Fi and the tablet will search for available networks. WSCC Public will eventually appear and when it does click on it to accept.

Next, click on the Safari browser link. This should take you to a screen headed West Sussex County Council Wireless. Below, you will see the county council’s Acceptable Use Policy, with a button to accept and log in. Click on this to connect.

If you do have problems connecting after signing onto the WSCC network, then type the address manually into the address bar. You should then see the Accept AUP message.

Using Android devices

First of all you will need to locate the Settings icon on your Android device - this should be on the home screen.

Once you have clicked the Settings button, a window will open asking you to sign or enable wifi on your device. Once you have done this you will get a list of all the Wifi signals nearby. These should include WSCCPublic. Click on this to access.

Accessing the Library Wifi on a laptop

Begin by checking to see if your laptop has automatically connected to the internet. If it has not, click on Settings to view available network connections. You are looking for WSCC Public. Click on it to connect.

This should trigger the Terms and Conditions screen, as described earlier. Simply click Accept AUP to connect.

For computer help from West Sussex Libraries visit our Digital Support web page.

This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service © 2022.

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