Historical West Sussex Audio Recordings

Historical West Sussex Audio Recordings

This guide will show you how to listen to audio files held by West Sussex Library Service and West Sussex Record Office.

You can print or download this West Sussex audio recordings helpsheet [308 KB].

Getting started

To log onto the audio files from the welcome screen, double-click on the Documents icon on the desktop.  Then choose This PC followed by Local History Sources.  From the menu shown double-click Audio Recordings.

Next double-click the selection of audio recordings that that you wish to search, for instance, Military Voices.  To browse a particular section within that selection, for example Great War, double-click on the title.


Listening to a recording

To listen to a particular audio recording, double-click on the name of the person, for example Elsie Cross.

Before you select the recording, make sure you have plugged your headphones in on the left side of the computer monitor.


The audio recording will open in a pop up window. Click once on the ‘pause’ icon to stop and start the recording.  To control the volume, click and drag your mouse across the volume control icon at the bottom right of the window.  When you have finished listening, click on the red ‘X’ to close the window.


Please note that West Sussex County Council Library Service created these files and owns the copyright. You are welcome to save, and print, whole files, or extracts, for private research or teaching, including multiple copies. You must contact us to request permission before publishing or sharing them online, in print, talks or exhibitions as we shall require a specific credit line, and/or a link and may charge a fee if for commercial use.  For permission or further information, please email the Enquiries Team.

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This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service ©2020.

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