Library policies

Library policies

Policies associated with use of West Sussex Library Service.

Acceptable use of the internet

We support the principle of Freedom of Information. Users of the public computers and internet in West Sussex Libraries will have access to the full range of information. However, certain restrictions apply. Terms and conditions of use are displayed on all public access computers.


If you use a photocopier in the library you must ensure that you are not infringing copyright.

Donated magazines and newspapers

Our libraries are happy to receive donated magazines and newspapers, if they meet certain criteria.

Leaflets and poster display

We can display information about local community groups and events in libraries, with some restrictions.

Library activities and events - Inclusion statement

Everyone is welcome at our regular activities and special events where our libraries offer an inclusive and relaxed environment. If you have any specific needs that might affect your experience of a particular activity or event, please contact your local library and we will endeavour to help you.

Library byelaws

West Sussex Library Service byelaws regulate the use of our libraries and the conduct of people in them. They are currently under revision as the national byelaws are being reviewed by the Society of Chief Librarians.

Local societies and organisations database inclusion

This policy provides guidance about inclusion in our local club or society database.


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