Library Membership

Library Membership

Sign yourself up for a West Sussex Libraries card from 14 years old and find out more about this membership and everything it offers.

There are so many benefits to library membership and did you know that it is FREE to join! Teenage membership is available for 14 - 17 years.

You can join by:

Visiting your local library and bringing along some identification showing your home address or using our online joining form. If you join online you will need to visit your local library with some identification to upgrade to full membership. 

Once you have a library card you can:

  • reserve children's/teenage books for free
  • borrow up to 20 items for 3 weeks
  • renew books as long as no-one else is waiting for them.

There are no overdue charges for children or teenage books returned late.

Every library has teenage novels and information books for homework, hobbies or interest. Find out more in our Teen Area pages.

If you need help:

  • We have a team of Family and Wellbeing librarians with specialist knowledge to help with with enquiries about teenage books and reading.
  • Find out more about our resources and services for young people with special educational needs and disability (SEND).
  • If you have an enquiry contact your local library, who will refer your question to a Families and Wellbeing librarian, or use our Ask a Librarian online enquiry form.

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