Newspaper Cuttings About Worthing

Newspaper Cuttings About Worthing

This guide will show you how to search for, save and print articles from local newspapers digitised from originals held by West Sussex Library Service as part of the Worthing Community Hub project.

You can print or download this newspaper cuttings about Worthing helpsheet [750 KB].

The Worthing Newspaper Cuttings collection includes over 20,000 articles in nearly 500 folders from newspapers and some magazines, mainly from the mid-19th century to 2016.

Key subjects include: Worthing Districts (Broadwater etc), Buildings, Businesses, Cemeteries and Memorials, Cinemas, Coast, Crime, Customs and Folklore, Education (including a file on every school), Emergency Services, Employment, Entertainment, Environment and Natural History, Events, Food and Drink, Health, History, Industry, Libraries, Local Government, Media, Museums, Music, Organisations and Societies, Paranormal, Parks and Gardens, Postal Service, Religion, Social Issues, Sport and Leisure, Theatres, Tourism, Transport, Utilities, Waste and Recycling, Weather and Climate and Youth Organisations.

Searching the Worthing Cuttings Collection

After you have logged on to the public computer, to access the Worthing Cuttings Collection, double-click on the Documents icon on the desktop.

Screenshot of computer desktop

Choose This PC then double-click Local History Sources.  

Screenshot of computer drive options

Screenshot of local history drive

Then double-click on Cuttings Collection.

Screenshot of cuttings collection folder

Then double-click on Worthing.

You can use the list of Worthing Cuttings Headings to help you find what you’re looking for. For example, if you are looking for cuttings about Seaweed, you need to look in: Coast: Beaches: Seaweed.

Screenshot of Worthing cuttings


Screenshot of results for seaweed

Each folder contains two files for each cutting: a pdf of the cutting and a text file containing the keywords from the article. (Please note that files with an ‘a’ at the end are scans of the back of cuttings).

Screenshot of PDF and text options

To view the cutting, double-click on the pdf.To search for specific keywords, you can either search the article that you have just opened, or a whole folder of cuttings.

From the toolbar, click on Edit then Advanced Search.

Screenshot of advanced search options

If you want to search a whole folder, click on All PDF Documents then the down arrow to choose Browse for location.

Then click on This PC, then choose the Local History Sources folder. Then choose Cuttings Collection, then Worthing.

Screenshot on local history search options

Then select the folder that you would like to search.

Screenshot of how to search folder

Type your keyword(s) in the What word… box and click Search.

A security warning box may pop up. Click on Allow.

Screenshot of warning box.

Click on the link to view the results. Note that the keyword(s) will be highlighted in blue in the displayed article.  To enlarge the article so that you can read it, use the zoom controls.

Screenshot of search result

To print the article, click File from the toolbar, followed by Print.

Screenshot of print options

To save the article, click File from the toolbar, followed by Save As.

Click on My Computer, then Choose a Different Folder.

Save the pdf to This PC then Documents or if you have a memory stick, insert it into the USB port on the left-hand side of the PC monitor. Then find the location in the column on the left, and save your file there.

Screenshot of options to save document

If you don’t have a memory stick, you could open your web-based email account such as Hotmail or Gmail, then email the file to yourself.

Alternatively, you could take a screenshot of the article, paste it into a blank message and email it to yourself.

To take a screenshot, click on Edit then Take a Snapshot.

The cursor will change to a cross-shape.  Position it above and to the left of the extract that you wish to save or print.  Then left click and hold the button down.  Now drag the cursor across the extract so that it is highlighted in blue.  When you release your finger, an onscreen message will confirm your edit. Click on OK. The image is then copied to the clipboard so that you can right click to paste it into an email.

Screenshot of pasting image into an email

How to use these cuttings

Please note that West Sussex County Council Library Service created these files and owns the copyright. Some of the articles may still be in copyright and it is your responsibility to check this if you intend to publish any. You are welcome to save, and print, whole files, or extracts, for private research or educational use, including multiple copies. You must contact us to request permission before publishing or sharing them online, in print, talks or exhibitions as we shall require a specific credit line, and/or a link and may charge a fee if for commercial use.  If you share them on social media, please credit ‘West Sussex Library Service’ and the newspaper. For permission or further information, please email the Enquiries Team 


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