The photocopiers in our libraries are self-service and you will find basic instructions near each machine. This guide will make it even easier for you to make copies successfully. However, if you do need assistance, please ask a member of library staff.

You can print or download this Photocopying Helpsheet [325KB - not accessible].

Making a copy

To use the photocopier, you will need to put the correct amount of money in the coin slot. The current charges are displayed near each machine.

Please note that the photocopier does not give change. If you need change, please ask a member of library staff.

Photocopier coin machine

Once the money has been inserted, tap Copy to access the options menu. If the screen is blank initially, simply tap it to reveal the display.

Photocopying options screen

Once you have selected your option(s), you will need to put your original document onto the photocopier to copy. There are two ways to do this.

The first option is to open the lid to access the glass screen.

Put the paper face down in the top corner, close the lid and tap the Start button.

Showing photocopier lid open and the glass screen.

The second option is to copy documents via the feeder tray on the top of the photocopier. For this you will need to place the paper into the feeder slot, face up, then tap the Start button. This option is easier for copying multiple documents, or for making copies of double-sided documents.

Showing the top of the photocopier and the feeder tray

Copying options

Photocopying options screen

Black & White: use this to choose between Black and White, Colour and Autoselect.

To make a colour copy, tap the Black and White button. Please note that you will not be able to select Colour as an option unless you have put enough money in the machine for a colour copy.

Reduce/Enlarge: increase copies to A3 from A4 or vice-versa.

To reduce or enlarge the original, tap the Reduce/Enlarge button (100%) and select from the options shown. Select Others for more options. Note: If you are enlarging an original to A3, make sure you select the A3 tray size too.

Quantity: select how many copies you want.

To increase the number of copies, select Quantity and tap the plus sign until you reach the required number. You must make sure that you have inserted the correct amount of money for the number of copies that you are making.

Density: make the copy darker or lighter than the original.

To make the copy lighter or darker, tap the Density button. Tap left for lighter, right for darker.

Tray: select which tray to print from; A3, A4 or bypass.

To change from A4 to A3, tap the A4 button, then select A3.

1-sided to 2-sided: combine two single-sided copies into one double-sided copy

2-sided to 2-sided: make a copy of a double-sided document.

Using the feeder on the top of the photocopier is the best way to copy double-sided documents.

Please note that the charge for one double-sided copy is the same as the charge for two single-sided copies.

ID Card Copy: copies both front and back of an ID card onto the same piece of paper (e.g Driving Licence).

Tap the ID Card Copy button, then follow the directions on the screen.

Start: start the photocopying process.

Reset: resets to the default options.

If you get stuck at any stage, you can tap the Reset button.

If you have any questions at all, please ask a member of library staff.

This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service © 2023.

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