eNewspapers on a Library Computer

eNewspapers on a Library Computer

This guide will show you how to access eNewspapers on a library computer.

You can print or download this eNewspapers on a library computer helpsheet [572 KB].

eNewspapers are brought to you free of charge through PressReader, a premium digital news provider to which West Sussex Library Service subscribes.

PressReader gives you access to a huge range of newspapers and magazines from around the world.  As well as being able to share articles, you can also listen to them or have them translated into over a dozen languages.

Logging on

On a library computer, log into eNewspapers by clicking the eLibrary tile, followed by the Read eNewspapers tile.

Screenshot of eProducts


Screenshot saying Read eNewspapers

Then scroll down the page and click Read eNewspapers

Screenshot of link to Pressreader

Browsing and reading

The opening screen includes the window shown below. To begin browsing click Select Publication.

Screenshot of Pressreader login page

On the next screen select Newspapers. You will then see the screen below. Scroll right to browse and when you have found the title that you wish to read click on the thumbnail to select.

Screenshot of Newspapers

Next, click on the section of the newspaper that you wish to read (ie main paper, Sport, Weekend, etc).

Screenshot of Newspaper articles

Right click the article text to see a number of useful options. From here you can share the article, listen to the audio, translate it into another language or simply print out the text.

Screenshot of copy and print options

Help with eLibrary products

For help with eLibrary products please email the Library Service.

This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service © 2020.

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