We have have some wonderful resources in our reminiscence collection, including over 200 reminiscence packs.

Our Reminiscence Collection consists of books and 200 packs of objects, music CDs, books, photographs, jigsaws or replica items on different themes. Reminiscence can help to re-awaken people's memories of their experiences and lives and is particularly helpful for older people and people with dementia. Items from the Collection can be used in a group setting or one-to-one. It is ideal for care homes, carers and family members.


Reminiscence Packs


Our reminiscence packs have 25 different themes. The packs contain objects, books, jigsaws, music CDs, photographs or replica packs. They are free to borrow for up to seven weeks. The packs can be reserved free of charge but cannot be renewed. They can be collected and returned from any West Sussex library.

For more details have a look at our Reminiscence Pack catalogue.   A printed copy of this is also available in your local library.


The themes are:

1920s and 1930s





Afternoon tea

Baking day

Childhood toys


Football and games



Getting ready to dance

Highdays and holidays

Hollywood Golden Era


Make do and mend

Men's night on the town

Powder room



South Asian Heritage

Sports, games and hobbies

Tools and DIY



World War 2

To find these packs on our online catalogue use the search terms "reminiscence" and "pack".




Online Reminiscence Sessions


Enjoy joining in with our online reminiscence sessions!


Baking Day




Make Do and Mend







Catch up with previous online Reminiscence Sessions in our YouTube playlist.


Library resources for people living with dementia


For more information and resources for people living with dementia, their families, friends and carers, including Melody for the Mind singing sessions, have a look at our Dementia Resources page.


More reminiscence!


Marks in time - sheet music and images from the Marks and Spencer archives.

Nestle reminiscence pack - make your own reminiscence material from the resources on this page.

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