Support from a Digital Volunteer

Support from a Digital Volunteer

Our team of Library Digital Volunteers offer free support in libraries or over the telephone on a range of digital enquiries from setting up an email account to help with online shopping or being safe online.

These basic, one-off digital enquiries might be helping with:

  • Accessing the online library service and library app
  • Using email
  • Using a digital device to connect with others, including video conferencing
  • Transferring photos and files between devices
  • Using the NHS app
  • Accessing Learn My Way's free digital skills courses
  • Accessing online government services
  • Staying safe online
  • And much more...

Do you need digital support?

To find out more or to arrange for some digital support, please contact the Library Digital Support team on 03302223455 or

Or contact your local library directly. 

To find out which libraries offer appointments with digital volunteers, search our library events.

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