SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate

This guide is aimed at library staff, to assist in supporting customers that wish to use the downloadable translation app SayHi Translate.

You can print or download this SayHi Translate helpsheet [300KB].

You should begin by downloading the app to each of your library tablets. If you have not already done this, start with the paragraph that begins “To download the SayHi app”. If you have completed the downloads, begin at “When you run the app”.

Screenshot of SayHi app
To download the SayHi app, go to your app store. The image shows the Apple store display. On Android devices, the app icon will say Install rather than Get.
Once the app has downloaded, click Open to begin using it.

When you run the app, the first screen you see asks you to speak into a single microphone, visible in the centre of the screen. This is so that your voice can be recognised. You will notice that the word Later appears in the top right of the screen. This means that you can leave this operation until later.

Next you will be asked to choose two languages—the one that you will speak (or write), then the one that you wish your words to be translated into. This is indicated by two microphone icons at the bottom of the screen. The one on the left is for the language that you speak. The one on the right is for the language you wish to translate into.

If you wish to change either language, click on the arrow to the microphone to reveal the menu of options.

The top of the screen should show the word Conversation. This is the easier, hands-free option. However, it does not cover every language. If you scroll through the list of languages and find that the one you want is greyed out, you will need to change it to Tap to Talk. To do this, click on the three lines at the top left of the screen, and change from Conversation to Tap to Talk.

Now when you click the list of languages to translate into you will see that all are available.

You will need to tap the microphone adjacent to the word English at the foot of the screen then speak the words you wish to have translated. They will then appear onscreen, followed by the translation. To speak further, remember to tap the microphone each time.

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This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service © 2022.

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