Other coding resources

Other coding resources

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Scratch is a very visual form of coding and is therefore ideal for complete beginners of all ages.

Simply arrange coloured blocks together on the screen so that they snap together and form a set of instructions.

You could design your own character or even make up an animation against a custom backdrop.

The Scratch website has all you need to get started and there are a range of interesting Scratch projects to work through.

You can even connect up your BBC micro:bit and program it with Scratch. Look out for the Scratch page about micro:bits explaining how to do this.



Python is written in plain text and often the next step after learning Scratch

If you're completely new to Python, a good place to start is the official Python website where there is lots of help for beginners, including interactive courses such as...

  • Create a Pypet - learn some Python basics whilst having fun
  • Let's Learn Python - an online course that starts with basic skills (suitable for age 10 and up).
  • And lots more for you to check out

See Python for beginners for more resources.


CS First

Google's CS First is a free Computer Science curriculum that makes coding "easy to teach and fun to learn".

We've run events in libraries based on the 'Create your own Google logo' activity.

CS First covers many different subjects, so is great for teachers as well as families who are home-learning.

There's something for everyone with activities at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

To find out more visit the CS First website

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