Times Digital Archive

Times Digital Archive

This guide helps use the digital version of The Times newspaper.

You can print or download this Times Digital Archive helpsheet [1.2 MB].

The Times Digital Archive is a digital version of the original newspaper (note that it does not include the Sunday Times) and contains every issue from its initial publication in 1785 to the end of 2019.  You can access it in any West Sussex library and 24/7 from your computer, tablet or smartphone once you are a member.

How to use the Times Digital Archive

Go to eInformation: Online Reference Library and click A-Z of electronic resources.

Screenshot of Online Reference Library Tiles

Then scroll down to Times Digital Archive.

Screensnip of link to Times Digital Archive link

For a simple search enter your topic into the search box.

Screen snip of Times Digital Archive Search Bar

Below you can see the results of a search on the Blair government with 2,369 articles found. It is recommended that you put the phrase/phrases in quotes. You can also limit the search by date.

Screenshot showing search results for Blair Government

Searching for news items in a large database can be difficult. There is an Advanced Search option which will help limit the results. This can be found under or alongside the simple search box.

Screen snip of advanced search option

Once you have found an article you would like to view you can preview it by clicking on the ‘Keyword Preview’. To open the full article, click on the title of the article.

Screenshot of article about the House of Commons


Screenshot of article with highlighted search terms

You can print, save or email articles from the Times Digital Archive. Click on the toolbar (see below) found to the right of the search box for the options.

Screen snip of print options

There are many other online resources available via the West Sussex Libraries website.  Go to eInformation: Online Reference Library for access to the Times Digital Archive and Press Reader.

Screenshot of Online Reference Library Tiles

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