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Secret life of cows
Secret life of cows
Author: Young, Rosamund
Publication year: 2018
Language: English
Media class: Paperback
Classification: 636.2
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780571345793
Cows can love, play games, bond, and form strong life friendships. They can sulk, they can hold grudges, they can have preferences and can be vain. In this insight into this secret life of cows, the author argues that compassion in farming makes sound economical as well as ethical sense. Originally published: Preston: Farming, 2003
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This is a whimsical view of the habits of cows to promote humane livestock farming. Anecdotally the author highlights the innate personalities of farm animals. Many in our group found animals’ being portrayed with human behaviour; ‘smiling’, ‘arguing’ etc, irritating. Some found the book overly romanticised and implausibly idyllic, bordering on Beatrix Potter. The author has a passion for farming, but can be preachy. We question the accuracy of author’s suppositions as they are not backed by expert scientific fact. It is a gentle, easy read, and one in the group mentioned she felt it could be a good book for children, to introduce them to ethical farming. It is accessible, relatable and the anthropomorphising of animals is more acceptable to children. The book arose from a series of articles, and our group felt that with better editing and a different format would result in a more coherent story. We gave it a 5

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