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39 Steps
39 Steps
Author: Abercrombie, John
Publication year: 2013
Language: Undetermined
Media class: CD
Classification: JAZZ
Publisher: ECM
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: XX00317231 0602537427109
Notes: track 1 : Vertigo / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 2 : LST / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 3 : Bacharach / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 4 : Greenstreet / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 5 : As it Stands / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 6 : Spellbound / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 7 : Another Ralph's / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 8 : Shadow of a Doubt / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 9 : 39 Steps / Abercrombie, John Quartet ; track 10 : Melancholy Baby / Abercrombie, John Quartet. There is an easy familiarity among the participants on the John Abercrombie Quartet's 39 Steps. Each of its members -- guitarist, pianist Marc Copland, bassist Drew Gress, and drummer Joey Baron -- have played together in various situations for decades. In the case of Abercrombie and Copland, their association goes back some 40 years to Chico Hamilton's touring group and the fusion band Dreams. Both Baron and Gress have played with the guitarist and pianist on and off since the '90s. The predominate mood here is linear post-bop and lyric balladry, though there is an overarching group meditation on at least the titles of Alfred Hitchock's films: Abercrombie composed six pieces here (including "Vertigo" and the title track); Copland two (including "Spellbound"), and there's a group improvisation called "Shadow of a Doubt." It is interesting to note the inclusion of Copland -- Abercrombie hasn't featured a pianist on his recordings since the early '80s -- who creates a wider tonal palet
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