Setting up a New Reading Group

Setting up a New Reading Group

Reading groups are a great way to meet people and share your views about books you have read. The easiest way to start a reading group is to begin with friends, work colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances.

An ideal number is between 6 and 12 members, as usually not all members will attend every meeting. If you have too few people you may not get a range of views for discussion, but too many and it is hard for everyone to have a say.

The most important thing is that group members feel comfortable with each other and able to contribute to the discussion if they want to. Even if members have not read a particular book, they should still be welcome to participate.

If you would like to register your reading group with the Library Service, visit your local library to pay your subscription and collect your membership ticket.

Our dedicated service supports over 250 groups in West Sussex. For an annual subscription (currently £33.00) we provide:

  • a group membership ticket
  • multiple copies of titles
  • access to an online system or hotline phone number to place requests
  • a seven-week loan period
  • an eNewsletter.

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