eNewspapers on a Mobile Device

eNewspapers on a Mobile Device

This guide will show you how to access eNewspapers on a mobile device. 

You can print or download this eNewspapers on a mobile device helpsheet PDF [639 KB].

eNewspapers are brought to you free of charge via the PressReader app, a premium digital news provider to which West Sussex Library Service subscribes


PressReader gives you access to a huge range of newspapers and magazines from around the world.  As well as being able to share articles, you can also listen to them or have them translated into over a dozen languages.

Getting started

PressReader is available from your app store. Begin by locating and installing the PressReader app on your smart device.

The press reader logo

First you will need to create a PressReader account. Begin by tapping Get started.

Screenshot of the PressReader splash screen.

The next two screens allow you to choose what subjects and/or titles you will be reading. You can skip these if you wish but when you reach the screen shown below you will need to choose Libraries & Groups.

Screenshot showing the libraries and groups option.

Type “West Sussex” in the search box and then select Library - West Sussex Libraries when it appears.  Enter your library card number in the box and tap Sign in.

Screenshot of sign in page

Free access

Now you can either browse or select the newspaper or magazine that you wish to read. You will have complimentary access for thirty days. More information on how to browse and use PressReader can be found in Help with eNewspapers on library computers.

Reactivating your account

After thirty days, you will need to reactivate your account.  To do this, you must sign out and sign back in again. Sign out by selecting the Accounts icon.  This icon may be under More, at the bottom of the screen display.

Screen snip showing the user icon.

Tap on the User icon, then scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you will find the option to Sign Out. Tap Sign Out and then tap Yes.

After signing out, sign back in again by selecting Sign in and then continue as previously from Page 2 of this guide.  You will then have access for another thirty days.

You can reactivate as many times as you wish using this procedure.

Screen snip showing the app menu options.

Please note

The screenshots in this guide are taken from an Android smart phone. Screen display may vary according to the device used. Also the PressReader app may not function on some older operating systems and devices.

Help with eLibrary products

For help with eLibrary products our Library Digital Support service can help.

This guide has been produced by West Sussex County Council Library Service ©2020.

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