eAudiobooks, eBooks, eComics, eMagazines: Libby

eAudiobooks, eBooks, eComics, eMagazines: Libby

This guide will show you how to set up a Libby account to access eAudiobooks, eBooks, eComics and eMagazines.

You can print or download this Libby helpsheet [2MB].

Signing up to Libby

Download and install the app from the Google Play store or the Apple Store and then click to Open the program. To access Libby on a laptop or PC, go to the Libby website.

When you open the app, you will be asked if you have a library card. Click Not Yet if you haven’t yet registered with West Sussex Libraries (you will need to!) but Yes if you do have a card. Next you will need to enter your library card number and PIN.

This is the Libby home page (below). Click Available to search across all formats.

Screenshot of the Libby homepage

To select from just books, audiobooks or magazines, scroll down and select Preferences, and then Format, as shown below. To confirm your choice tap Apply Preferences.

Screenshot of preferences function

Once you have selected a format, choose from New, Popular, Random, Available or Subjects. For each choice you will be able to refine your search, for example by author or title.

To borrow a book, magazine or audiobook, look at the information next to the jacket illustration. If the first option is Borrow, the book is available. Tap the word Borrow and the next screen will say, "You are borrowing [title] for 21 days". At the foot of the screen you will see a large red button which says Borrow. Click that and the item is yours. At the end of the period the book will simply vanish from your record.

Screenshot of the search results for Peter James

If the first words next to the jacket illustration are Place Hold (shown above), this title is not currently available. Click Place Hold and you will be told approximately how long you will have to wait for a copy to become available.

To search for Comics and Graphic Novels, click on Subjects, then Sort, to select A-Z search. Then scroll down until you come to Comics and Graphic Books (see below). From there you can browse as with other categories.

Screenshot of search by categories function

For help while using Libby, click on the logo (bottom of your screen) and then Get some help. You can type your query in the search box (shown below) or scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions.

Screenshot of help function on Libby

For further assistance, you can call our Digital Support Helpline 0330 222 3455, or email library.digital.support@westsussex.gov.uk

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