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[Interviewer] “What was your attitude to the German during this time?

Well, to me I didn't like 'em, but we got used to 'em 'cos I think they knew they was losing the War because I met an Englishman out there, an old chap, who'd come back from England and he kept saying, you know, 'England kaput', that means ' done for' and we used to say 'nix Deutschland kaput'. We was never worried but we got on well with the workers, all we was to try and dodge working, that was the only thing I was against them. We had work from 6 in the morning to 6 at night. That was our day.”

[Interviewer] “and was it hard work as well?

Oh yes, I had a big iron and riveting, you had to be a strong chap, but I was better off to that effect as I think two Englishmen, directors, was there the heads or something, but I went to a salt mine, it was hell, a coal mine so I think I was lucky.”








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