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“All you could hear was the old ping from the bullets from the rifles when they kept shooting and that, but you didn't take any notice 'cos you got used to it but directly you saw someone go down 'oh poor old un he's gone' you know?

When you got back we had an Intelligence Officer asking us anything, did we know anybody gone, well I knew everything roughly, people blowing around. We tried to explain what people we see died ' cos they were missing you know.”

[Interviewer] “Did you have any near misses yourself?

Oh yes. I've had people just drop dead on the side of me, you know, ping, yes oh they're gone, oh yeah. I'm lucky oh God a ping in your helmet and all that, you could hear 'em. We had what they called periscopes, I don't know whether you've seen them in these films, where you look up and look over. Sometimes you didn't dare put your head out over the trench else a sniper or somebody'd have you.

The only experience I had of a sniper, he'd just given me a helmet one  day, but one was in a wood , well there was no wood there it was all split down, there was a bit of a tree and one got up there and I told the Sergeant or somebody “there's a sniper out there somewhere”. They had a field telephone, they rings back to the Artillery or somebody, they killed him - they got an aim on him or somebody did & never had no more sniping. And they were dangerous.”



















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