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“They put us back on rest ready to make another advance you see and we sitting along the trench 4 of us like this and we got a duck board across ,and we were playing, a bit of cloth on it got all our money and cigarettes and we were playing cards. Well it had been very, very quiet all day and Jerry sent a shell over, it was a gas shell and it dropped and I'm not telling you any lies. I was sitting here and the other chap was sitting over there and that was a seven foot trench down there and the duck board was across and that shell, I admire the man who fired that dropped right down through that duck board and burst. So I had the full vapour of nervo gas and that's what's playing me up now I reckon. 'Cos they say it does it gradually, destroys your nerves. That's what started my eyes off 'cos I'm nearly blind now.”



















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