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“We wanted to smoke and nobody had got any matches. We weren't actually in action but the guns were there ready for action. We wanted a match and I said I'd go down Captain Lazenby's dugout. Captain Lazenby actually was the young son of Elizabeth Lazenby the food people. I don't know whether you remember them? Course they're finished now. However, I went down to this dugout, got the matches and as I was coming out I saw some interesting postcards on a box, I won't say what. I stopped to have a look at them and as I sat down to look at them a shell burst on the opening of the dugout. Now, if I hadn't have stopped to look at those pictures I shouldn't have been here.”

[Interviewer] “What happened after the shell burst?

Then I could move my left arm but the right arm was around the back of me and I thought it had gone, Then I heard picks and shovels and of course they got me out and I was taken down to the casualty clearing centre and had respite, I forget how long, a nervous general breakdown, shell shock and then I of course was sent back to my regiment again.”























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