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“When we were at the Laventie which is really Neuve Chapelle, where of course there was another famous battle. It was so quiet there, it didn't please the hierarchy. They had to stir things up. So to stir things up, they established four posts. Now when I tell you the posts consisted of sandbags built up. When the Corporal in charge of five men with rifles, one runner and a signaller. It was established in No-Man's Land. I was on that several times. I was a signaller and we had to be up there at sundown, as soon as it got dark that is until sunrise. There was I sitting, you daren't move because Jerry would see you. And I was getting cold there, colder. In the morning when the Sargent from the LRB, the London Rifle Brigade came along to relieve us, the Sargent who came along with his men, put the telephone on with my line. He said to me “give me your instrument” I gave him my instrument. “Now you put this one on” The LRB man gave me his instrument. I put on the wires, screwed them up. He said “right oh, give me your hand” He took my hand. I couldn't get up. I got no use whatever there, in the legs. We were in No-Man's Land so he called out to the chaps in the trenches “here, I'm bringing a man down on my back” he said “don't shoot” And he promptly put me on his back, a big strong chap and he took me down there. He took me to the edge of the trenches and said “take this man and wait until I come down” which is what he did. And he put me on his back and took me all down the communication trenches. It took seven or ten minutes, into the Battalion Headquarters, makeshift headquarters. He said “put this man on a bed”, we had wire bunks. He said “pile on as many blankets as you can and give him a good dose of rum” And he said to me “now you go to sleep” which I was glad to do. Now I woke in the morning. One of the Red Cross men was saying “how are you now?” I said “not too bad thank you Corporal” He said “would you like some breakfast?” I said I would and he brought me some breakfast. I felt like a Lord.”












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