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“What amazed, worried me was the blood, the sight of blood, you see and me dressing, I couldn't get it,see it's only a square thing went in the pocket there.  Then I thought well it's no good, I thought of my wife who was then my sweetheart and my parents and I thought what a rotten way to die.”

[Interviewer] “When did you come to? 

Ah now, that's it,  so it must have been a good thing I must have fallen, gave up hope, well this is a rotten way to die and then I felt myself being shaken and I thought oh gawd blimey – 'scuse my language -  I thought I'm captured and one bloke said to the other, I heard an English voice say, ' there's a KOYLI here', so the other chap said ' No can't be a KOYLI' ' well he's got a KOYLI cap badge ' - which is a bugle -  he said. 'Well they went out on Saturday, Saturday evening', so he said 'that's a KOYLI'.  So I said to them ' what's the day ?' so the chap said ' it's first light on Monday.' So I said 'but I've been since Saturday, can't be Monday'. 'Ha' he said ' it is'. He said it's first light Monday and they'd come out, they belonged to the South Wales Borderers I think, picking up the wounded see 'cos things has quietened down by then.  I said 'I've been here since Monday' and he said ' that's alright chum we'll get you away '. So they put me on a stretcher, that was first light monday, but I said 'I've been here since 8.30 on Saturday, can't be Monday'. They said 'It is'.  They took me down through the trenches, communication trenches and took me to a place called Corby casualty clearance station.  Took me there where they dressed me wounds.  Here's a funny thing , I went in,  progressed up various hospitals ' til I got to Boulogne and I got on the boat , and I remember the name of the boat 'cos I had it in a book for a long, long time, Jan Breughel.  There's a funny thing.  We landed at Dover and they came round looking at your strap, this is how cunning they were, of course on mine I had Yorkshire, what they were doing was if you belonged to a northern regiment they were sending you south and vice versa.  I suppose there was a reason for it.  Well they made a mistake with me, didn't they? 'cos I ended up at Dyke Road, Brighton.  Well I had a relative in Worthing, my aunt, and of course a short way from London.”





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