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“There was a parcel came up with the rations. And I remember leaning back to get my knife out of the parcel to cut the stitches off this gangrenous covering. And that's all I remember. And when I woke up I was in hospital. The ward sister was calling me to wake up. She said “open your eyes and look at me Sargent.” I did and I could see all the lovely white bed clothes. She said “Is there anything in your mouth you can tell me about.” Well, I said, my teeth are all broken. She said “we know about your teeth, is there anything else?” I had another try and there was a nasty raw place under my tongue. And just then, something made me cough and blood absolutely spurted from me and she jumped the table in front of my bed got a handful gauze from a jar. She jammed it in and pressed down with her fingers where I told her this place was. How she got the message there I'll never know but within seconds the doors of the ward crashed open. There were three doctors, two of them with a stretcher. And they put me onto that and ran down the passage to the operating theatre. And I saw them lift a naked man off the table, laid him on the floor and pick me up. I see a pool of blood on the table and they dropped me onto it actually. I was gone, I didn't feel a thing.”





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