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“When the stretcher bearers picked me up, the bullets was still pinging about and I thought to myself, cor you'll be getting another one now afore you've reached the ambulance. And them stretcher bearers, they've got a rough job you know 'cos they got to keep at it all night. And they can't know when they could do it. And they laid me down on the stretcher till they got enough to load the ambulance up. And then they come and we had to go round Hellfire Corner. And I was so stiff where the bullet went through, well I thought that had killed me. And I think what I remember, a bloke what was sitting upright, he gave a tap for the ambulance to go slower, slower. Well, of course I was out and out and it hurt so much. And then they took me down to Park Marines? And there's a nice doctor there and he patched me up.”







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