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“We went to a place called Stettin in the Baltic to a prisoner of war camp there. There was a hospital part where I was. The beds were too high you know all around the camp. I was in the bottom bunk. They couldn't give us very much. At that time we had paper bandages, but you did have a little bit of gauze next to your wound. Then they put me in plaster, plaster of paris. It was lousy, the beds were lousy. I was there from the beginning of May to December. During that time, I only had one bath. You didn't have any soap at that time. In that war there no soap very much so you just had a sort of smooth sand to wash yourself. I used my time getting rid of the lice below the plaster of paris. One of the orderlies made me a stick to disturb them. In December, we had a hospital ship come from England to pick us up and they took us back. We had to take a German pilot to get us through the minefields. I came to England here and then to Scotland.”









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