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“Well I wouldn't like.....I don't want to go back there again not in the trenches. Oh my God, you see I've met people in the Second World War, but when they hears my story about the trenches and that they say ' good lord! You had it rough'. Well I've said it before and I'll say it again it was going to hell and back. There was good luck throughout but I like to forget it. I know you can't forget because you still think of it you know but actually speaking I don't like wars you know.


When the war finished I wouldn't go to the Cenotaph, I got rid of my medals, the only things I've kept is what I've got here. I wanted to forget it, that was in my own mind.”


[Interviewer] “Did it affect you at all immediately after the war?

Yeah, I've never been right since and that's why I'm showing about this pension paper. I got a pension of 8 shillings a week for 6 months, you see when the 6 months was over they give me a final one that's want I want to show you. This is from the post that's where I had to stamp every time see, every time. I got 8 shillings in old money. After 6 months I had to go in front … I was , you know what you call a category man, I went in fit A1, I came out B2, well a lot of people came out B2, they didn't claim the pension but I was sharp enough when I was being de-mobbed, I said I'm going to claim mine . I went in front of the doctor, he said 'I can't find much the matter with you'. I said “look I came from Germany I've been seen by 4 or 5 doctors “before I met him. I said there I was B2 instead of A1. I said I'm claiming the pension so he got it through, but half of them didn't claim it 'cos they wanted to get out quickly, but I was after what I thought I was entitled to.

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