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“The vast majority will agree I am certain that it was the worst man devised disaster to hit the Human Race in the history of the World today. It should never be repeated. It was said to be the War to end all wars but how very wrong that statement was. A certain mad little corporal named Hitler in Germany was already planning revenge but that belongs to another story. I lost many fine pals among the millions who lost their lives, who were grand specimens of manhood and they would have been such an asset to their country had they lived. Most were amazingly cheerful, even under adversity and I well remember the one drummer of our Regimental Band sitting in a hole playing “Roll out the Barrel” on a flute amid an absolute hail of machine gun bullets. There’s little doubt that a Guardian Angel must have looked after me very well. For my many narrow escapes, death and disaster were so frequent that surely it was more than mere luck.”






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