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It was not necessary for me to bring any clothes or any equipment which would be issued to me. The first shock we arrived at Wendover station went up to Halton and that's where I met my friend Francis for the first time, who we met as I showed you 60 years later and we became great friends right away and he would confirm what I'm saying that we were not issued with anything at all for 10 days. We didn't have anything to eat with, I had a penknife to try and eat soup with. The blankets were damp, we laid on boards in huts and life was very uncomfortable. To tell you the spirit in those days, I never heard anybody grumbling. If we disliked anything we said oh, I suppose this is because of the war, there's a war on we've got to put up with it.  Can you imagine people behaving like that today? No way.  Anyway after 10 days we were given uniforms, knives and forks to eat with and so on.”














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