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Refugee Support

Welcome Horas Croeso Salve

Digital Access Digital Access

All our libraries have free Wi-Fi, as well as computers with internet access, email services and Microsoft Office applications. You can use USB memory sticks on all our computers.


Library members may use the computers for free, for a maximum of two hours per day. Visitors will be charged a small fee. If you are not a member, you can join at no cost.


Printing and photocopying facilities are available to all for a small charge

More Information More Information

Ukrainians Welcome is a new website full of useful information for Ukrainian refugees arriving in the UK.


It is specifically aimed at making the lives of Ukrainian refugees easier and keeping individuals safe from the threat of exploitation.


Information is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian. 

Groups and Activities Groups and Activities
We hold free regular activities including Knit and Natter, Board Games, Relax with Colouring and Reading Groups as well as extra events such as author events and drop-ins by other organisations.

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Welcome to West Sussex Libraries Welcome to West Sussex Libraries

As a guest arriving in West Sussex, we would like to welcome you to our libraries. 


You can join the library for free by asking staff in your local library or you can join online.


Help with Language Learning Help with Language Learning

Transparent Language Online


With Transparent Language Online you can learn over 110 languages, including English for speakers of over 30 languages including Pashto, Dari, Ukranian and Russian, for free with your library card.


Available in libraries, or anywhere on almost any device via mobile apps for iOS and Android.


We have produced a quick start guide to Transparent Language Online for you to download as a printable booklet [PDF, 864KB] or you can read the online version [PDF, 810KB].


Watch the video to find out more:



You can also borrow English language books and resources for speakers of other languages - click here to search the library catalogue.


Google Translate or the SayHi translate app can help to overcome any language barriers experienced on a daily basis. SayHi can translate into speech or text on a mobile device and is available on iOS and Android. 


Sam's School of English are offering free 12 week English courses funded by West Sussex County Council. To register your interest, you need to complete this online form


These resources are available for children and young people:


LearnEnglish Kids has lots of free online games, songs, stories and activities for children. For parents there are articles on supporting children in learning English, videos on using English at home and information about English courses for your child.

Learning Time with Timmy is designed for children aged 2-6 learning English as an additional language, as well as very young native English speakers. You can subscribe to the channel to watch five-minute episodes and songs aimed at making learning fun.  


BBC Learning English: Stories for Children is a series of animated short stories to help children learn English with their parents. Each story has a downloadable transcript and activities pack to help children explore and use the language.


Cambridge English has activities to help children practise reading and writing, listening or speaking.

Children Children
eBooks and Audiobooks eBooks and Audiobooks

You can download the Libby app to borrow up to 20 ebooks or audiobooks at a time, available for free with your library card.


This includes a collection of adult fiction titles and children's ebooks in Ukrainian which have recently been made available on the Libby home page.


There's also the Ukrainian Unlimited Learning app on Android and iOS, which includes 3000 eBooks and audiobooks, including 1,700 Ukrainian titles and 500 in English, both for children and adults.

UK and World Newspapers UK and World Newspapers

With Press Reader you can read 1000s of UK and international digital newspapers and magazines for free with your library card. 


Publications are from over 100 countries and in 60 languages, including Ukrainian. Articles can be translated into 18 languages and you can listen to the news by using the audio narration function.


Available in libraries or anywhere via the website or app with your library card.

Britannica Britannica

With our online resource, Britannica Library, you can translate articles into other languages, including Ukrainian and Pashto. Select the globe icon at the top of the page to show the translation options. There are three levels, Junior, Student and Adult.


You can access Britannica in a library, or from home with your library card.

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