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To Italy, with love
Author: Pellegrino, Nicky
Year: 2022
Language: English
Format: Large print
Class no: ROM
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Aurora Large Print
ISBN: 9781787829091
Standard format edition originally published: London: Orion, 2021
Love happens when you least expect it. Assunta has given up on love. She might run her little trattoria in the most romantic mountain town in Italy, but love just seems to have passed her by. Sarah-Jane is finished with love. She's hiring an old convertible and driving around Italy this summer - it's the perfect way to forget all about her hot celebrity ex-boyfriend! But when Sarah-Jane's van breaks down in Montenello, she has to stay longer than she intended! And the trouble is, love is everywhere.
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Other formats
Audio book:To italy, with love:2021
Paperback:To Italy, with love:2021
Paperback:To Italy, with love:2022
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