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Bryony Harnessing the Power
Author: Hamilton, Emma
Year: 2020
Format: Paperback
Class no: TEE
Publisher: The Book Guild
ISBN: 9781913208288
Bryony: Harnessing the Power is a magical journey for young adult readers taking them on a time-travelling adventure back to the American Civil War. Devastated by the belief that her boyfriend has cheated on her, Bryony flees her trailer home with her trusted friend Pierre. However, her trust is shattered when he puts her into a trance from which she awakes, alone and in great peril, in 1863. Once there, she must face the challenge of a lifetime to find her way home, undergoing a host of incredible and life-altering experiences along the way. Bryony is forced to grow up fast, using her courage and resourcefulness to get out of some tricky situations. Running into Pierre once more, she discovers that he is an immortal ex-slave whose destiny is inextricably linked to her own. Chased by mysterious bad guys, they first seek help from a white witch and then from the Native Americans, one of whom captures Bryony's heart. In a shattering climax, Bryony discovers just how much she still has
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