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A maiden's voyage
Author: Goodwin, Rosie
Year: 2019
Language: English
Format: Talking book - MP3
Class no: SAG
Category: Fiction
Publisher: Clipper Audiobooks
ISBN: 9781528883061
Playway. Narrated by Charlie Sanderson
London, 1912. Flora Butler lives a settled life. She enjoys her work as a maid for her young mistress which means she can still live close to her family home, visiting her parents and siblings often and helping out when she can, plus she's recently met a young man who she sees on her days off. When her mistress, Connie, loses her father and must move to New York, Flora faces a difficult decision. When her beau lets her down, her mind is made up. Soon, Flora and Connie are heading to Southampton to board RMS Titanic.
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Audio book:A maiden's voyage:2019
Hardback:A Maiden's Voyage:2019
Large print:A maiden's voyage:2019
Paperback:A maiden's voyage:2019
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