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Dixon, Frederick Thomas
Year: 1927
Genre: 18851 Dixon, Frederick Thomas
Start date: 11/04/27 End Date: 11/04/27 Event date note: 11 Apr 1927
Start year: 1927 End Year: 1927 Object date information: 11 Apr 1927
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1. 2. 12 Feb 1913. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11 Apr 1927. 7. SR, Carriage & Wagon Dept, Drawing Office, Lancing Works. 8. Temporary Messenger. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. post 1977. 15. 16. KEY TO THE NUMBERS USED HERE: 1=Nationality. 2=Date of birth. 3=Mrs or Miss. 4=Married name. 5=Maiden name. 6=Date joined service. 7=Railway company, department, station or office. 8=First job. 9=Participant in General Strike and date. 10=Remained loyal during General Strike. 11=Date enlisted WW1 or WW2. 12=Unit, depot or ship. 13=Date returned from war service. 14=Date left railway service or died in service. 15=Date of death. 16=Remarks. N.B. There is more information on the card than is shown here.


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