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Chichester Diocesan Monographs
Format: Book
Class no: 200
Publisher: Various
ISBN: XX00035071
18 articles bound in 1 volume
Allen, George
Eric Gill
Allen, Gillian
Short History of Music in Sussex Churches
Caplan, Neil
Sussex Dissent
Hobbs, Mary
Henry King 1592-1669, Bishop, Poet and Refugee
Holmes, Eleanor
Bishop Richard Challoner 1691-1781
Homan, Roger
Sussex Cokelers
Homan, Roger
Skeletons and Salvationists, the Riots in Worthing
Homan, Roger
Principal George Jeffreys and the Pentecostal Revival
Mason, Lancelot
George Bell, Bishop of Chichester 1929-1958
Stanley, Gladys
Sufferings of Quakers in Sussex
Stanley, Gladys
Selina, Countess of Huntingdon
Wylie, John A. H
Nathaniel Woodard, Educator of the Middle Classes
Wylie, John A. H
Reverend Dr. Reginald John Campbell, anglican Dissenter
Wylie, John A. H
St. Wilfred, Sussex Saint but with Scant Local Honour
John Mason Neale 1818-1866
John Wesley and the Smugglers
Philip Howard, (Carefree Courtier to Saint)0
Saxon Saints
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