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Book:Education in Cuckfield:1981
Author: Ward, Joan
Year: 1981
Format: Book
Class no: CUCKFIELD370
ISBN: E300142676
Book:Education in Cuckfield:19--
Author: Ward, Joan
Year: 19--
Format: Book
Class no: 370.942CUCKFIELD
ISBN: X03064853X
Paperback:Education in Cuckfield:c1981
Author: Ward, Joan
Year: c1981
Format: Paperback
Class no: 370.942CUCKFIELD
ISBN: XX00080412
Publication Year: 1665
Media type: Other material
Inside front cover: note of church goods, 1605 - 1606.
f.1 Lists of apprenticeship indentures and bonds; note of the book's contents, listed under subjects by the Revd. T. Vicars and the Revd. Robert Middleton [c.1625, c.1700].
f.2 Memorandum that the book was begun at Easter, 1592.
f.3 Note of churchwardens' rate and payments, 1606.
f.4 List of burials in the church, with details of payment, and of paupers with overseers' payment, 1598-1612.
ff.6,7 Notes of evidence on various repairs to churchyard wall, fence and stile, 1612, 1614.
f.8 List of vagrants whipped, 1618-1638; removals of vagrants from parish, 1693-1697/8 (see below for details).
ff.9,10 List of churchwardens, sidesmen and surveyors copied from the former register, 1586-1622.
ff.11-52 Annual lists of churchwardens, sidesmen, surveyors and overseers, 1623-1772.
ff.56-60v List of briefs, with detailed descriptions of their objects, 1690-1713, in Mr. Robert Middleton's handwriting, and continued after his death for 1714-1716.
f.61 An order for paying the clerk cancelled as being unjust to the bigger farmers, and a new order made, 1701-1702.
f.62 Arbitration decision as to which seats a family's servants are to occupy in church, 1703.
ff.63-64 List of contributors to the new gallery for singing psalms, and rules regarding the seats for placing the different voices and general choir rules, 1699/1700.
f.65 Evidence and agreement regarding a hog pound and right of way in Vicars Lane for Ockendean House, 1748.
f.66 Memorandum that the Rev. Charles Ashburnham began building the new vicarage in 1780.
ff.68-71 Accounts of church collections and their distribution to the poor, and 79-81 1673-1713.
f.72 and v List of papers relating to the Free Grammar School, 1625-1634; and extract from the will of Timothy Burrell to whom Mr. Robert Middleton had left £30 to be invested for the education of poor children, 1716.
f.73 and v List of donations to the church and to charities, 1715-1739. [see Par/301/24].
f.77 List of benefactions [c. 1522-1637] compiled by the Rev. T. Vicars, 1634, and added to in 1637. [see Par/301/25].
ff.77v and 78v The Rev. Thomas Vicars' notes concerning the building of the vestry and improvements to the church and vicarage, 1627, 1637.
f.77A List of poor people receiving monthly payments, 1723
f.78 Accounts and payments [detailed] for building a scholars' gallery and alterations to the church, gift of Lady Dorothie Shirley, 1633.
f.88 List of preachers from outside the parish, [1625]-1638.
ff.89-91v List of briefs, with detailed descriptions of their objects, begun by Mr. T. Vicars, 1625-1681.
ff.93-95 Detailed account, by Mr. Thomas Vicars, of a perambulation in 1629, ending with a survey of glebeland, 1627.
ff.95v-96 Copy of terrier of the vicarage, glebe and copyholds of the manor, 1653. [see Par/301/6].
f.96v List of parishioners making a perambulation in 1693, written by the Rev. Samuel Greenhill.
f.97 Copy of a terrier of the vicarage, 1676.
ff.97v-98 Detailed account of a perambulation, written by Mr. Robert Middleton, with list of parishioners, and a verse of a hymn "fitted to tune of Psalm 148", and including a note on the reintroduction "of the right and artful way of singing the psalms" in the manner taught by "Mr. Clerk of Hamshire" and in the version of Dr. Patrick of the Charterhouse, 1709.
f.99 Licence to a servant to end his term of service, 1600.
f.99v Inventory of goods in the Chest, the Church, and in the Vicar's and clerk's keeping [last entry, 1639]; names of two vagrants punished in 1610:
21 Feb 1610. Subject: Richard AYLMOR; Offord (Alfold?), Surrey. R.A. to be taken at Cuckfield as a vagrant and punished according to the law. PLDB serial no. 19455;
21 Feb 1610. Subject: John STEVENS,; Eltham, Kent. J.S. to be taken at Cuckfield as a vagrant and punished according to the law. PLDB serial no. 19456.
ff.100-102v List of church goods, existing or bought during the year; notes of repairs and alterations to the church; contents of poor box; names of each year's churchwardens; 1623-1637.
f.106 Contents of parish chest, 1623.
ff.106v-127 [reversed] Accounts of monthly disbursements to the poor, 1692-1698 and 1701-1725.
f.109v Collections for hospitals and charitable causes, 1598-1599.
ff.118-119 Churchwardens' accounts, 1593 and 1595; list of persons who have not paid church rate; churchwardens' annual balances, 1595-1608.
f.119v Note of lending out £40 of charitable money held by the parish, 1661; receipt from the vicar, James Hering, for additional tithe owed by Mr. Walter Burrell in consideration of Flax-growing 1668.
f.122v Names of those who received garments under Walter Burrell's benefaction, to commemorate the restoration of Charles II, 1661-1666. [see Par/301/24].
f.128v Notes concerning two pauper apprenticeships, 1599:
7 Oct 1599. Subject: Mary SMITH. Other: Robert SMYTH, father. Other: John SKINNER of Slaugham, master. PLDB serial no. 80000;
7 Oct 1599. Subject: Jo[?hn} MORLEY, weaver. Other: William WELLER, weaver, master. Other: Jo[?hn] MORLEY, father. PLDB serial no. 80001.
ff.129v-130 Copy of petition to commissary, and sentence, concerning seats in the church, 1634-1635.
ff.131v-135 Lists of churchwardens, surveyors and sidesmen, and some annual balances of accounts, 1595-1622.
f.135v Licence granted by the Rev. Thomas Vicars to Mrs. Burrell and Mrs. Norton to eat meat on fish days in view of their health, 1631-1636.
f.136v Licence to a servant to end his term of service, 1602.
f.137v Note of a brief, 1689.
f.138v Note concerning payments to pauper children, 1597; notes about and list of church goods, 1597, 1622; account [of expenditure], 1657.
Removal of vagrants from parish
16 Aug 1618. Subject: William ROBERTS; Llangfegni, Anglesey. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101044;
24 Mar 1627. Subject: Mary DIXON; Hardingstone, Northants. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101045;
7 Jul 1627. Subject: Edward PRICEt, 11 y; Shoreham, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101046;
26 Aug 1630. Subject: Alexander SYLLIBAN; married: Jane SYLLIBAN; Penzance, Cornwall. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101047;
26 Aug 1630. Subject: JONES [?]; Plymouth, Devonshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101048;
26 Aug 1630. Subject: Godfrey PIERCE; Ashburnham. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101049;
1630. Subject: Jeremie - ; woman; Streat. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101050;
1630. Subject: Walter PAINE, 12y; Romsey, Hampshire. sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101051;
25 Oct 1630. Subject: John BOATS, 20 y; Much Wenlock, Shropshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101052;
28 Nov 1630. Subject: Marie ANTHONY; Irish; Ireland (via Shoreham). Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101053;
22 Jul 1632. Subject: John SMITH; Highgate, Mdx. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101054;
3 Dec 1632. Subject: Richard PIERCIEFIELD; Frindsbury, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101055;
3 Dec 1632. Subject: Elizabeth BURLEIGH; Angmering. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101056;
3 Dec 1632. Subject: Marie MANSON [?]; Angmering. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101057;
3 Dec 1632. Subject: Marie FRANNCIS; Angmering. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101058;
4 Dec 1632. Subject: Richard LEIGH; Reading, St. Lawrence, Berks. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101059;
4 Dec 1632. Subject: Adam FARMER; Minster in Sheppey, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101060;
4 Dec 1632. Subject: Marie COO; Rochford, Essex. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101061;
1632. Subject: Elizabeth SPRAG; Steynijng. Whipped and sent with a pass. Born in Steyning. Child: Gaman SPRAG. PLDB serial no. 101062;
7 Dec 1632. Subject: Agnes DIER; Havant, Hampshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. Born in Steyning. PLDB serial no. 101063;
7 Dec 1632. Subject: Anne MERIFIELDS; Havant, Hampshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. Born in Steyning. PLDB serial no. 101064;
30 Jun 1634. Subject: Walter PERIMAN; Milton, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101065;
30 Jun 1634. Subject: Robert KENTFICK; Sittingbourne, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101066;
23 Mar 1635. Subject: Margaret CLARK; Haslemere, Surrey. Child: Anne CLARK. Whipped (mother and daughter) and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101067;
15 Apr 1635. Subject: Elisabeth PHILPOTT; Chichester. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101068;
19 Apr 1635. Subject: William CLARK; Poole, Dorset. Whipped and sent with a pass. Brother of Phillip Clark. PLDB serial no. 101069;
19 Apr 1635. Subject: Phillip CLARK; Poole, Dorset. Whipped and sent with a pass. Brother of William Clark. PLDB serial no. 101070;
20 May 1635. Subject: Elizabeth DAVYS; Charlton, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101071;
20 May 1635. Subject: Joan DAVYS; Charlton, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101072;
20 May 1635. Subject: Thomas DAVYS; Charlton, Kent. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101073;
23 Jan 1636. Subject: Thomas CARGILL; Strathmiglo, Fife, Scotland. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101074;
29 Jan 1636. Subject: James FINE; Irish; Waterford, Ireland. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101075;
29 Jan 1636. Subject: Joan BREAD; David BREAD; Waterford, Ireland. With 3 children. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101076;
9 Jun 1636. Subject: Tobias ROBINS vagrant. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101077;
20 May 1637. Subject: Joan GUESS; Southampton, Hampshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101078;
20 May 1637. Subject: Thomas PHILIPS; Southampton, Hampshire. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101079;
12 Jul 1638. Subject: John WILLIAMS vagrant. Elizabeth WILLIAMS; Little Dean, Gloucestershire. Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101080;
23 Jul 1638. Subject: Roger O'REYLY; Irish boy; Ireland (via Cornwall). Whipped and sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101081;
29 Jul 1693. Subject: Margaret LONGHURST; Brighton, mad; saved from whipping; sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101082;
6 Dec 1639. Subject: Barbara WINCHESTER vagrant, 21 y; Keymer[?], sent with a pass. PLDB serial no. 101083;
19 Feb 1698. Subject: Elizabeth GRIMES; Francis GRIMES, soldier in Capt. Dennis's Company of Col. Seymour's Reg. Passed from tything to tything to husband at Steyning. Child: William GRIMES. Child: Elizabeth GRIMES. PLDB serial no. 101084;
Publication Year: 1868
Media type: Other material
Charles Smith Hannington of Hurstpierpoint, esq., to Minister and Churchwardens of same.
Plot 120 × 177 ft. part of Little Park Farm in Hurstpierpoint, abutting W. on turnpike from Hurstpierpoint to Cuckfield, S. on roadway, and E. and N. on land of (a). Plan annexed.
In trust for a School for the education of children and adults or children only of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes, with provision similar to trust in Par/400/25/13, with further provision for management to be vested in a committee of the minister, curate, churchwardens and 6 other persons (named) and thereafter to be 20/- contributors and communicants of the Church of England, vacancies to be elected by persons contributing 10/- or more yearly, no persons to have more than 6 votes, and being communicants. Differences on religious grounds to be determined by the Bishop, or arbitrators nominated by the Lord President and Bishop if a third or more of the committee object.
Parties signing for (b), Carey H. Boorer, rector, George Suggers and Henry Beeching, churchwardens.
Witness: Charles Sharood of Brighton, solr
Publication Year: 1528
Media type: Other material
Copy [1718] of agreement between (a) William Spicer, clerk, parson of Balcombe, (b) the Master, Fellows and Scholars of St. Catherine Hall, Cambridge, and (c) Ninian Burrell, clerk vicar of Cuckfield, and John Mitchell, sen., John Chaloner, John Ward, John Pont, Richard Hever, Edmund Michell, Gerard Holcombe, Stephen Board, John Beachely, Thomas Stanbridge, Richard Burtenshaw, John Michell, jun., and John Beach, all of Cuckfield.
Manor of Redstone in Reigate co. Surrey, of the yearly value of £5, lately purchased of Thomas Michell, gent.
(a) to (c) and their heirs as Trustees on behalf of Cuckfield Free Grammar School, and on the following further trusts:
(1) That the Trustees, with the Warders of the Fraternity of Our Lady in Cuckfield, and the vicar of Cuckfield and the rector of Balcombe, and with three or four of the most honest and substantial inhabitants of Cuckfield chosen by the said vicar and rector, shall administer the lands of the school and pay the schoolmaster £10 yearly from the profit;
(2) That the said vicar, rector, and wardens, with three or four of the most honest and substantial inhabitants of Cuckfield, shall appoint a new schoolmaster when necessary being a secular priest and a graduate "of sufficient cunning and of good conversation", and having a benefice with non-residence so that he may always attend the school and that the master shall take his oath of office upon the Holy Evangelist, that he shall keep the ordinances of this indenture, before the said vicar or rector or before the curate of Cuckfield, whoever be present.;
(3) That the schoolmaster shall hold his office for life subject to good behaviour and shall teach grammar after the usage of the Grammar School at Eaton next Windsor, and shall keep those hours of learning as near as he can, attending at the school between 25 March and 29 September from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the rest of the year from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.;
(4) That the schoolmaster shall have 16 days' continuous leave of absence every year, subject to the permission of the school managers and so long as he find a deputy; and that he shall also find a deputy if he fall sick.;
(5) That the schoolmaster shall say at least three Masses every week, of the Holy Ghost, of the Holy Trinity and of the name of John; and that at every Mass, before he washes his hands he shall say "De profundis" and shall pray especially by name for the souls of William Spicer and of his father, mother and friends, and also for all the benefactors of the school and for all Christian souls; and that he shall find at his own cost bread, wine and wax for these Masses;
(6) That the schoolmaster shall give 6 months' notice before quitting his office;
(7) That the scholars shall say "De profundis" every day before leaving the schoolhouse and shall pray for all the souls and benefactors aforesaid;
(8) That the schoolmaster shall not be compelled to perform any of the duties of the vicar of Cuckfield;
(9) And if the scholars be kept from the school by the plague, that the schoolmaster shall take them elsewhere so long as it be within ten miles of Cuckfield;
(10) That the managers of the school shall pay the schoolmaster 10s. upon Easter Monday every year, for a solemn obit for the aforesaid souls in the form of "dirydge by note" on the night of Easter Monday and of a "Mass of Requiem by note" upon Easter Tuesday; and that during the said Requiem Mass, and before he washes his hands, the schoolmaster shall read aloud these ordinances from a copy of this indenture, and immediately afterwards say "De profundis" for the souls aforesaid; and that he shall distribute 3s. at his discretion to the priests, clerks and sextons present, 4d. to be offered at the Masses said or sung at the said obit, 3s.4d. to the poor and 12d. to the scholars that be present, and 2s. 4d. to himself;
(11) That the schoolmaster shall take orders concerning the government of the school from none save the vicar of Cuckfield or the rector of Balcombe;
(12) And if despite three warnings the schoolmaster continues to misbehave, that he shall be dismissed and a new man appointed;
(13) And if a schoolmaster resigns, that the said vicar and rector shall install an able man until a new schoolmaster can be appointed and pay him as they think fit; but, if the school lacks any master at all for three months, that then the school income shall be distributed amongst the poor of Balcombe at the discretion of the rector of Balcombe;
(14) And if the Fraternity of our Lady be dissolved, that then the said vicar and parson and three or four persons of Cuckfield shall choose the schoolmaster; but if they fail to do so within six months of a vacancy, that then the Master and Fellows of St. Catherine's Hall shall be permitted by the Trustees to receive the school income and use it to provide an exhibition for the education of a young man who shall pray for the souls aforesaid;
(15) And if 20s. of the school income be unspent, that the parson of Balcombe shall choose and pay a scholar to see good order in the school and to say "De profundis" for the souls of William Spicer and of John and Joan his parents, daily;
(16) And if the Trustees be reduced to three, that these shall appoint sixteen or eighteen discreet and honest persons of Cuckfield, Balcombe, Slaugham, Bolney, Ardingly and Lindfield as new Trustees.
(c) Covenant to have a strong chest made with three locks and three keys, of which the vicar of Cuckfield, the Wardens and parishioners of Cuckfield and the rector of Balcombe shall each hold one key; and that the chest shall remain in Cuckfield church to contain the deeds of all the lands given by Edmund Flower and William Spicer.
Recites that Edmund Flower, late citizen and merchant tailor of London, left lands worth £6..10s. yearly to maintain a Free Grammar School in Cuckfield under the oversight of the Fraternity of Our Lady and of the most discreet parishioners; and that he willed that the schoolmaster be a graduate, and a priest and "able to teach grammar"; and that the said endowment is not sufficient for the purpose.
(a) That Nicholas Harvey, rector of Balcombe, and John Savage, vicar of Cuckfield, appointed John Michell sen., Thomas Michell of Worth, Edmund Michell and John Hever as coadjutors of the school, 29 Henry VIII.
(b) That Edmund Coortes, vicar of Cuckfield, the rector of Balcombe being non-resident, appointed Ninian Chaloner and George Board as coadjutors of the school on 25 May 1573
Publication Year: 1885
Media type: Other material
The minutes contain regular parish business, e.g. election and appointment of the guardian, overseers, churchwardens, constables, surveyors; the examination and passing of accounts; making the church, poor and highway rates. From 1849 meetings were frequently adjourned to the Royal Oak Inn. In addition the minutes include the following matters:-
f.1v Decision on the completing of a road, July 1839;
ff.2v,5v resolution to carry out a new valuation and decisions as to a surveyor, February and April 1840;
f.11r agreement to appoint a paid surveyor of the highways, "to take upon himself the whole management of the Highways", at a payment of £5 p.a., March 1843;
ff.11v,12r decision to apply part of the poor rate to assist the emigration of Henry Holloway and his wife and their children (two) to Australia; and to borrow in order to have a fund to defray general emigration expenses, the loan to be on the poor rate, March 1844;
ff.15randv,17v minutes concerning settlement: certifications that Samuel Dudney belonged to the parish of Cowfold; inquiries as to the settlement of - Goddard which was found to be Pulborough, November, December 1845, March 1846;
ff.15v and 16r minute recording the vestry's "determination to withhold consent" to the opening of a proposed beer shop, and "to discourage and discountenance by every means in our power the setting up of a Beer-shop in that place, or any other in the Parish ...", December 1845;
f.20v agreement by those present to pay their labourers with families fourteen shillings a week "during the present high price of flour, and to recommend the same to others", and to raise a subscription "to meet the cases of peculiar distress from large families", May 1847;
ff.21v-106v at almost every annual vestry between 1852 and 1880, an entry records a decision to obtain and distribute flint, stone and gravel for the roads;
f.23v memorandum concerning the settlement and maintenance of a widow brought "Home" from Charlwood, February [1850];
f.24r report of a removal order of - Walder, his wife and six children from Cuckfield and agreement to try to come to some arrangement with Cuckfield, January 1851;
ff.27r and v 52r,53r,72r minutes concerning the rating etc. of various cottages, July, August 1851, March, July 1860, September 1870;
ff.35v-113v minutes recording the regular sale of "sidings", between 1852 and 1882;
f.38v memorandum recording that "we all agreed to dig stone in Mr. Holden's fursfield", February 1856;
f.72v agreement concerning the compounding of rates, November 1870;
ff.73r,76r agreement to make donations to Twineham parish for the education of Shermanbury children who attend Twineham School, February, January 1871;
f.75r minute concerning payment for washing surplices, [1871];
f.78r agreement to remove a mass of clay from the churchyard to "the old marlpit in the grove", the Bishop having sanctioned its removal; report on a new table in the vestry, exchanged for an old one, October 1872;
f.81r decision to order a new valuation list, March 1874;
f.81v report of a gift of an alms dish, March 1874;
ff.82r,83r and v,85r minutes relating to the financing and planning of a school, May - October 1874;
ff.86r-93r minutes and copy of correspondence relating to the parish's liability for repairs to a road, February - May 1875;
ff.87r-90r discussions concerning the rating of game woodlands under the Act, February - March 1875;
f.91r and v agreement on fees to be charged for the school and nominations to a school committee, March 1875;
f.94r minute concerning the cost of repair of the "old Cowfold and Horsham Turnpike Road", March 1876;
ff.101r-102r notice by the churchwardens and copy of subsequent correspondence, minutes, etc., concerning the closing of the churchyard and the possibility of a gift of a site by S. Copestake for a new burial ground, January 1879;
f.104v minute concerning the provision of chalk for raising a road, [1879];
ff.106r,198r agreement to raise a voluntary church rate, March 1880, 1881;
ff.109r and v decision to insert an advertisement in the West Sussex Gazette for an assistant overseer, and a subsequent appointment made, May, June 1881;
f.114r and v report concerning proposed repairs and alterations to the church, August 1882;
ff.117v,118r minutes concerning a new valuation list, May, June 1883;
f.119r and v minute of meeting held to consider ways of raising funds for the National School, payments from the children having fallen off owing to prolonged sickness in the parish, March 1884;
f.123r proposed for a voluntary school rate for the ensuing year, March 1885;
f.123v submission of plans for two new windows, July 1885
Publication Year: 1955
Media type: Other material
In about 1914 Daphne MacDonald came to Europe from Tasmania, and served in the Forces during World War One. In 1919 she travelled the battlefields of the Western Front, and visited Paris. In 1922 she received the Council of Public Education ( Melbourne) Certificate of Registration as a teacher. She taught at Clyde Girls' Grammar School, Woodend, and later taught mathemeatics at Tortington Park School, near Arundel.
In 1934 Daphne MacDonald and Naomi Whittle (former school secretary at Tortington House, and aunt of the depositor) purchased Warden Court Girls' School, Cuckfield. Daphne was the Principal and Naomi the school secretary. They ran the school until 1961 when the house and grounds were sold to a developer, who subsequently demolished it.
In January 1962 Centre House, Beechlands (formerly part of the Beechland estate) was sold by Dr Blake to Daphne MacDonald and Naomi Whittle. Daphne MacDonald died at Beechland in November 1977 and is buried in Newick churchyard. In May 1980 Naomi Whittle sold the property and moved to Littlehampton. On her death in April 1985 she was buried with Daphne MacDonald at Newick.
Most of the photographs in this collection relate to WW1 and Daphne's tour of the battlefields of the Western Front in 1919.
Publication Year: 1872
Media type: Other material
From (a) Rev. T.A. Maberly of Cuckfield Vicarage, clerk, to (b) vicar and churchwardens of Cuckfield.
Property as in Par/301/25/59, but in occs. Widow Elliott, William Bleach and Peter Bleach.
On trust that the above property be ever after used as a school, in union with the National Society, for the education of children or of children and adults of the labouring, manufacturing and other poorer classes of Cuckfield; and if in the future a School Board be formed to include Cuckfield so that the above property ceases to be used as a school, a further trust that the same shall continue as a Sunday School for educating the poor according to the principles of the Established Church.
Includes marginal plan
Author: Joan Ward
Year: 1981
Format: Other material
Media type: Other material
In mediaeval times the diocese was divided into eight large rural deaneries (Arundel, Boxgrove, Midhurst and Storrington in the Chichester Archdeaconry; Dallington, Hastings, Lewes and Pevensey in the Lewes Archdeaconry). The peculiar jurisdictions of the Archbishop and the Dean of Chichester (Pagham and Tarring Deanery, South Malling Deanery, and the City of Chichester) were not included. In post Reformation times the rural deaneries appear to have lost any functions they previously had - beyond providing a convenient geographical unit for visitations and other activities of the bishop and archdeacons.
Bishop Buckner is credited with reviving the deaneries in 1812; and a few reports by rural deans on the fabric of churches and parsonages, 1813-1823, have survived (Ep I/41/65,66; Ep II 41/14). A more successful revival was initiated by Bishop Otter in late 1830s, with his publication of 'Suggestions submitted to the Rural Deans for the Revival of their Chapters in the Diocese of Chichester'. Initially the main activity was clerical: chapter meetings at which the clergy could discuss current issues. The earliest surviving records are chapter minutes from Midhurst, Pevensey and Uckfield from 1840, Lewes from 1843 and Arundel, Boxgrove, Henfield and Hurst from 1852.
In the Chichester archdeaconry the ancient deaneries were subdivided to form modern deaneries by 1840, and the parishes from the peculiars were included by 1851. It is likely that the same pattern of re-organisation happened in the Lewes Archdeaconry, but no evidence for it has been found earlier than the 1858 'Clergy List'.
By the end of the century the deaneries were as follows:-
Archdeaconry of Chichester Archdeaconry of Lewes
Chichester. Lewes I = Lewes.
Boxgrove I = Boxgrove. Lewes II = Hurst.
Boxgrove II = Westbourne. Lewes II = Cuckfield.
Boxgrove III = Itchenor; Selsey . Lewes IV = Henfield.
Midhurst I. Lewes V = Brighton.
Midhurst II, III = Petworth. Pevensey I = Eastbourne.
Arundel I = Arundel. Pevensey II = Seaford.
Arundel II = Pagham; Selsey. Pevensey III = Uckfield.
Storrington I = Storrington. Pevensey IV = East Grinstead.
Storrington II = Horsham. Hastings I = Hastings & St. Leonards.
Storrington III = Steyning. Hastings II = Rye.
Storrington IV = Worthing. Dallington.
The next significant changes came under an order of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in 1913. In the Chichester Archdeaconry the deanery of Pagham was added to Selsey, and the deanery of Steyning was added to those of Storrington and Horsham. In Lewes and Hastings Archdeaconries the deanery of Henfield was divided between that of Hurst and the newly formed Hove, and the deanery of Etchingham created from parts of Dallington and East Grinstead.
In 1930 Boxgrove deanery was absorbed into those of Chichester and Arundel; in 1931 the deanery of Battle and Bexhill was created; around 1935 Selsey deanery was abolished and Bognor created; in 1955 the Preston and Kemp Town deaneries were created out of Brighton. In the period between 1974 and 2005, these two former reverted to Brighton, Etchingham was reorganised as Rotherfield, and Arundel and Bognor were combined, as were Lewes and Seaford.
The rural deans took on a number of duties in the latter decades of the 19th century. They acted as assistants to the archdeacons, undertaking inspections of church fabric and furnishings, and compiling statistics.
Lay participation was introduced with the establishment of Rural Deanery Conferences in the first decade of the 20th century. Some records survive for Pevensey I (Eastbourne) from 1895, Brighton from 1901, and Hurst from 1912. The conferences were given statutory form by the Church Assembly Act of 1919. Until this date they had been largely advisory, but they now acquired powers to deal with financial matters. In 1971 the Conferences were superseded by Rural Deanery Synods.
The largest group of records to survive are the chapter minutes - which record the discussions of the clergy only. There are also significant quantities of material relating to Church inspections and statistics. From the 1920s there are minutes of the ruridecanal conferences and of various sub committees, and a certain amount of financial material. Among the more miscellaneous groups are found papers relating to: education and politics (Pevensey I/Eastbourne 1902-c.1910); Moral Welfare (East Grinstead, 1945-1973, Etchingham, 1962-1974); mission and evangelism (Westbourne 1932-1975).
1 Chapter Minutes
Rural Deanery Chapters were established from the 1840s onwards, and continue to the present
2 Church Inspection, Fabric, Furnishings, and Archdeacon's Visitations
These records date from the 1870s to the present
3 Statistics
4 Minutes of Rural Deanery Conference, Council, Related Committees and Sub-Committees
These records date from 1920-1970, although a few committee records may be pre 1920
5 Financial, including Quota
These records date from the 1920s to the present
6 Minutes of Rural Deanery Synod, and Related Committees
These records date from 1970 to the present
7 Miscellaneous
Includes minutes of committees which were not established by the Rural Deanery, e.g. Chichester Diocesan Moral Welfare Association
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