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Book:Engraved Work of Eric Gill:1963
Author: Physick, John
Author: Victoria and Albert Museum
Year: 1963
Format: Book
Class no: 760GILL,ERIC
ISBN: E300137079
Book:Engraved Work of Eric Gill:1963
Author: Victoria and Albert Museum
Year: 1963
Format: Book
Class no: 761
ISBN: E300077912
Book:Engraved Work of Eric Gill. 2nd Ed:1977
Author: Physick, John
Author: Victoria and Albert Museum
Year: 1977
Format: Book
Class no: 760GILL,ERIC, 761.2
ISBN: 9780112902713, 0112902715
Author: Victoria & Albert Museum
Year: 1977
Format: Other material
Publication Year: 0
Media type: Other material
4¾ x 22¾ x 10¼. Used for engraving, including the following items, listed by Michael Renton:-
Tools for Engraving on Wood (end grain)
1. Graver, square;
2. Graver, lozenge;
3. Graver, lozenge, narrow;
4. Graver, lozenge, narrow;
5. Graver, lozenge, narrow;
6. Graver, lozenge, large;
7. Spitsticker, medium;
8. Spitsticker, fine;
9. Tint Tool, fine;
10. Tint Tool, medium;
11. Tint Tool, medium-large;
12. Scorper, round, small;
13. Scorper, round, medium;
14. Scorper, round, medium-large;
15. Scorper, round, large;
16. Scorper, round, large;
17. Scorper, square;
18. Multiple Tool, 4-line. medium-fine;
19. Multiple Tool, 6-line, medium;
20. Multiple Tool, edge ground flat;
21. 'Paring tool', adapted from fine Spitsticker.
Tools for Engraving on Metal
22. Graver, square.
Tools for Wood Cutting (side-grain)
23. U-Gouge, very fine;
24. U-Gouge, fine;
25. U-Gouge, medium;
26. U-Gouge, shallow medium;
27. U-Gouge, shallow, medium-broad;
28. U-Gouge, medium-broad, in long handle;
29. Chisel, 1", for use with mallet in clearing large spaces on wood-blocks, side or end grain.
30. Burnisher steel in handle;
31. Copper-plate scraper, in handle;
32. Scriber or etching-point;
33. Etching-point or dry-point;
34. Scriber or etching-point, double-ended;
35. Unidentified tool, double-ended;
36. Burnisher, bone or ivory, insribed DAVID INVENIT ME and (on reverse) 22.2.'35;
37. Spatula (for ink?);
38. Dabber for ink (?);
39. Sandbag, 3" diameter, for supporting block or plate while engraving;
40. Spectacles, green glass, wire frames;
41. Leather case, perhaps used as spectacle case;
42. Folding rule (½ only);
44. Folding rule, 12", complete;
45. Scale rule, ivory, incomplete;
46. Chinese, or Japanese, writing-brush (much worn);
47. Brush for cleaning chips etc. out of blocks;
48. and 49. Spare handles for engraving tools;
50. Piece of charcoal (for polishing copper plates);
51 and 52. Corks, probably used to protect ends of tools;
53. Wrist-guard (?) of soft leather;
54. Wooden clip (?), use unknown;
55. Piece of white chalk;
56. Piece of beeswax, use uncertain.
Wood Blocks, etc.
[With the possible exception of item no. 63, I doubt if any of the wood blocks were cut by Eric Gill himself. They strongly suggest pieces of practice work by beginners, presumably learning from him. No. 60 may be by Eric Gill's daughter Elizabeth.]
57. Squared block of end-grain boxwood, engraved with lettering in relief: '4 Engravings by Eric Gill', 5¼ x 1;
58. Squared block of end-grain boxwood engraved with landscape (?) motif, 1¼ x 1¼;
60. Offcut of end-grain boxwood, engraved with lettering etc.;
61. Offcut of end-grain boxwood, engraved with lettering etc.;
62. Offcut of end-grain boxwood, engraved with lettering etc.;
63. Unfinished carvingbof crucifix (?) in boxwood, 3 1/16 high;
64. Strip of copper with engraved marks, 4½ x 1 1/16;
65. Piece of celluloid with traces of experimental engraving, 1 x 2 1/16.
66. Tobacco tin containing tobacco, matches, cigarette-holder etc. [see Eric Gill 237]
122mm (H) x 578mm (W) x 266mm (D)
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