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Paperback:Birds of the hedgerow, field and woodland:2014
Author: Nelson, Raphael
Year: 2014
Format: Paperback
Class no: 598.0941
ISBN: 9781910065242
Book:Field and Hedgerow: Being the Last Essays:1948
Author: Jefferies, Richard
Year: 1948
Format: Book
Class no: 570.7, 824.8JEFFERIES
ISBN: X000780421
Book:Field and Hedgerow, Being the last Essays of Rchard Jefferies:1948
Author: Jefferies, Richard
Author: Looker, Samuel J
Year: 1948
Format: Book
Class no: 574
ISBN: E300193041
Paperback:Out of the woods, the armchair guide to trees:2015
Author: Cohu, Will
Year: 2015
Format: Paperback
Class no: 582.160941
ISBN: 9781780722351
Artist: Anne Purkiss
Publication Year: 2009
Media type: Other material
Singleton. Viewed from above the village. Field and hedgerow in foreground, village in middle distance, ground rising again beyond. View Northwest to Southeast.
Anne Purkiss Collection.
Artist: Anne Purkiss
Publication Year: 2009
Media type: Other material
Barlavington from Barlavington Down. Field and hedgerow in the foreground with field in middle distance. Buildings with tiled roofs among trees in the background. View Southwest to Northeast.
Anne Purkiss Collection.
Publication Year: 1718
Media type: Other material
Between John Marden of Compton, yeoman, and Rose his wife, Owen Marden of Compton, yeoman, and Mary his wife, and Thomas Marden of Compton, yeoman (1), John Hobbs of Up Mardon, yeoman (2) Edward Rookes of Petersfield, esq., Richard Fleet of Stoughton, husbandman, John Wild of Harting, husbandman, and John Duffield of Chichester, gent. (3) and Henry Barrett of Compton (4) to lead the use of a Fine of
2 messuages or tenements, one thereof lately erected and new built, and barn, stables, granary, carthouse, gateroom, garden and orchard adjoining and several closes of land &c. then lately enclosed called Burster containing 22 ac. in Upmardon lately parcel of a farm called Watergate Farm, having lands of Nicholas Capron, S., lands of the Earl of Scarborough, W., the highway from West Marden to Watergate, E. and a lane leading out of the said highway towards Stansted Forest, N
And several closes, being arable lands, called the Two Tyeland fields 23 ac. 3 r. 11 p., in Upmardon late also parcel of Watergate farm having coppice ground called Hatchgate Coppice E., the highway from Westmardon to Watergate, W., a lane leading out of the said highway towards Leigh Common, N., and the Two Twelve Acre Closes and Voakes field, S
3 closes being arable called the Two Twelve Acres, and Voakes field containing together 25 ac. 1 r. 21 p. in Upmardon, also late part of Watergate farm, having lands of John Pay, E., the Two Tyeland fields, N., and lands of William Cotten, esq. parcel of Watergate farm, S. and the said highway from Westmardon to Watergate W
3 closes (arable) called the Northfields, 26 ac. 1 r. 34 p. in Upmardon late also part of Watergate farm, lands of the said John Pay late Eames, E., lands of Walter Hipkins, N., the said highway from Westmardon to Watergate, W
A toft whereon lately stood a house, with a garden and little close of land containing 1 ac. adjoining
A coppice containing 30 ac. called Basley Coppice in Upmardon having the said toft, garden and little close, S.W., Leigh Common E., lands of Walter Hipkin, W, lands of William Lodger, N. and the Northfields with the hedgerow thereof and a leading thereto, S
Coppice ground, 3 ac. called Hatchgate Coppice in Upmardon, having the Two Twelve Acres close, W., and Leigh Common E. and S. and a little late from Leigh Common E. and S. and a little lane from Leigh Common to lands of John Pay, N
All in the occupation of John Hobbs and lately purchased by him from the said John Mardon and Rose his wife
Also a messuage or tenement and lands containing 63 ac. called Miles's in Compton in the occupation of the said Edward Rookes and a messuage or tenement and premises containing 21 ac. called Padsworth in Harting in the tenure of Edward Rookes; formerly purchased by John Mardon, partly of Robert Peckham, gent. and partly of Arthur Lodger and since conveyed to Edward Rookes and others
Also a messuage or tenement, barn and premises in Compton in the occupation of William Hewett and John Durman purchased by the said Henry Barrett of John Mardon
Copy attested:- Edward Hill, Wm. Fletcher
Publication Year: 1803
Media type: Other material
Elizabeth Crowcher and Mary Crowcher both of Chichester, spinsters (the two daus. and only children of John Crowcher of Densworth in Funtington, esq., decd., by w
Elizabeth, heretofore Elizabeth Porten, spinster, decd., and coheiresses of said Elizabeth), to Rev. Stephen Eaton, M.A., Archdeacon of Middlesex, and rector of St. Anne, Westminster (co. Midd.)
Manor of Densworth, and messuage or mansion house with the barns, stables, etc., and lands (200a.) and woodground and coppice (15a.) called Densworth and Hinckins in East Ashling [in Funtington], West Ashling [in Funtington], Funtington and Bosham
Messuages, barns, stables, orchards, lands and grounds called Whitstone in Whitstone [in Birdham], Birdham, and Sidlesham; messuage, barn, gateroom, garden and orchard, and several parcels of arable land and pasture ground (20a.) belonging, called Little Whitstone in Birdham; close of pasture land or furze ground (2½a.) in Birdham, abutting to lands of [blank] on W. and partly on E., lands of [blank] on N., and lands of [blank] on S.; and piece of meadow or pasture ground (6a.) in Birdham, having been late parcel of the common called Birdham Common and allotted to the proprietors of the said farm and lands called Great Whitstone and Little Whitstone upon the partition thereof: all in occ. of George Francis
Messuage or dwellinghouse called Kingsham otherwise Kinsham, with all barns, stables, orchards, gardens, outhouses, courts, yards, backsides and gaterooms belonging, and the lands, meadows and woodgrounds appertaining, called Kingsham otherwise Kinsham Farm (John Crowcher's deed of purchase of Kingsham Farm is W.S.R.O., Add Mss 2753. For earlier deeds of the properties see W.S.R.O., Cowdray MSS. 783, 784, 786-789, 792.) i.e. two closes of land (18a.) called Marelands, close (8a.) called Double Vere, three closes of land (15a.) called Ox lease, close of land (4a.) called Flood Gate Field, meadow (7a.) called North Mead, close of land (2½a.) called Densheare Field, close of land called Homefield and close thereto adjoining (8a.), coppice (1½a.) called Martin's Coppice, close (3¾a.) called Coppice Field, coppice (1¾a.) called Mine Pitt Coppice, three closes (11a.) called Upper Side Lands, Middle Side Lands, and Lower Side Lands, close (2a.) called Pitt Field [and] coppice (2a.) thereto adjoining, close (3½a.) called Pricked Field, close (3¼a.) called Mine Pitt Coppice Field, coppice (7½a.) called Hanger Coppice, two closes (7a.) called Upper Knapp Field and Lower Knapp Field, two closes (11½a.) called Upper Field against Moore House and Lower Field against Moore House, close (5½a.) called Rush Plotts, close (7¼a.) called Dearling Hill, close (7a.) called Barn Field, close (4½a.) called Broom Field, close (10a.) called Broad Field, close (2¼a.) called Long Grate, close (4a.) called Spring Field, meadow (2¼a.) called Little Mead, coppice (1a.) called Spring Coppice, close called Pond Field with the rough and pond thereto adjoining (6a.), close (4¾a.) called Pricked Pond Field, three meadows (11½a.) called Upper Mead, Middle Mead, and Lower Mead, parcel of woodground (6a.) adjoining to the said meadows, [and] two closes (6½a.) called New Bridge Fields: all in Chithurst and Iping, formerly in the possession or occupation of John Charman, late in the tenure, possession or occupation of Thomas Eames, and now in occ. of Richard Luff. Mansion house called Ford Hooke, and five fields or closes (32a.) thereunto belonging, i.e. field or close of meadow land (11a.) called Pea Field Meadow, field or close of arable land (4a.) called the Four Acres, field or close of meadow land (8a.) called Brickhill Field Meadow, field or close of meadow land (3a.) called Picked Field Meadow, [and] field or close of meadow (6a.) called Johnson's alias Fordhook Meadow, all in the tenure or occupation of [blank] Winter; arable land (20a.), formerly pasture, heretofore divided into four closes and called the Half Five Acres, abutting W. upon Hanger Lane, S. upon ground formerly of John Atlee, N. to lands formerly of William Merrick, and E. upon piece of ground called Benbowas Grove, heretofore in the tenure or occupation of the widow Fell, afterwards of William Bristow and Richard Life, since of Thomas Lott the younger, and now also of said [sic] John Winter: all in Ealing (co. Midd.)
Two closes of arable land or pasture ground, one whereof (5a.) called Little Horse Leaze, abuts E. on Austen's Field, S. and W. on Church Field and N. on Great House [sic] lease otherwise called Thistle Comb, and the other (5a.) called Long Close, parcel of the close called Great Horse [sic] Lease, abuts E. on Austen's Field, W. on the highway leading from Prior's Place to Acton town, N. on land heretofore of William Atlee and S. on land heretofore of Mr. Garroway and the aforesaid closes called Little Horse Leaze and Church Field: all at Acton (co. Midd.), in the tenure or occupation of [blank] Antrobus, clerk
Messuage on W. side of Lombard Street, Whitefriars, in Fleet Street, London, in the parish of St. Dunstan in the West, heretofore called by the name or sign of the `Queen's Head', formerly known by the name or sign of the `White Fryer', and now or late called by the name or sign of the `Ship' alehouse, heretofore in occ. of `Abraham Broden's', afterwards of the widow Moreland, since of John Chadwick, and now or late of Elizabeth Mc.Antyre, adjoining southward to messuage formerly in the possession of Mr. Terey but now of Mr. Jones, northward to messuage formerly in the possession or occupation of Mr. Wade but now of Mrs. Doudenay, fronting `east forward' on Lombard Street aforesaid, and W. on messuage in the possession of Messrs. Newberry and Jones
Messuage, heretofore two messuages, in the Strand in the parish of St. Martin in the Fields (co. Midd.), formerly the second and third houses eastward from the corner of `Villar's Street', York Buildings, also [sic] formerly in the tenure or occupation of Daniel Brown, afterwards of Mr. Bell, linen draper, and [blank] Phillipson, perfumer, late of [blank] Watson, and now of [blank] Wilson
Four crofts of land (10a.), formerly two crofts and afterwards three, lying together, abutting upon lands called Auditor's Pightle on E., lands heretofore of William Butterfield and afterwards of Anthony Radcliffe called Hatchdean Field on W., and lying between the highway called Cats Hill Lane on S. and other lands, heretofore of said William Butterfield and afterwards of said Anthony Radcliffe, called the Steer's Land, on N.; three closes of arable or pasture ground called Hartersfield (15a.) Redd End (7a.), and Little Germer alias Little Garmer (4a.), which said close called Little Germer lies on N.E. side of the lane leading from Chesham [co. Bucks] to Uxbridge [co. Midd.]; and three crofts of arable land called Homefield (20a.), Deanfield (7a.), and Merlings (5a.); all the foregoing heretofore in the tenure or occupation of Robert Harding: close of arable land called Further Germer alias Further Garmer with the hedgerow or parcel of woodground adjoining (together 14a.), adjoining to the highway leading from Chesham [co. Bucks.] to Uxbridge [co. Midd.] on E., land heretofore of Anthony Radcliffe on S., and land heretofore of John Cannon on W., and heretofore in occ. of Thomas Butterfield of Chalfont St. Peter (co. Bucks.), yeo., decd.; piece of meadow ground (2a.) called `the eight' lying in a meadow called the Old Mead alias Leight, heretofore in occ. of said Thomas Butterfield; piece of arable land (1½a.) lying in the common field called Chalfont Field, abutting on lands of Edward Weatherby on S. and lands of Mrs. Carter on N.; three small pieces of arable land (1a.) called Saker's Deane, heretofore in occ. of Charles Chile; pieces of woodground (7a.) heretofore in the possession of Mary Butterfield (dau. and heir at law of said Thomas Butterfield); messuage called Roberts, formerly in occ. of said Thomas Butterfield, and three closes or pieces of land near adjoining, i.e. Robert's Clay Pitt Close (6a.), Robert's Pond Close (6a.), and the Little Roberts Close (3a.), in the tenure or occupation of [blank] Wade, formerly the estate of said Thomas Butterfield, and heretofore in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Bow, and which upon the death of said Thomas Butterfield descended to said Mary as his only child and heir at law; all the foregoing being in Chalfont St. Peter (co. Bucks.); piece of arable land (1 rood) lying in a common field called Nout Field, heretofore in occ. of John Bennett, and piece of meadow ground (1 rood) lying in a common mead called High Mead alias Old Mead, late in occ. of said John Bennett, both in Chalfont St. Giles (co. Bucks.): great close of arable land, pasture and woodground called Herry Field with the coppice or spring wood adjoining (together 22a.), [having] land formerly of Thomas Butterfield on S., the highway leading from Lambeth Farm to Chalfont St. Peter aforesaid towards Uxbridge [co. Midd.] on E., the highway leading from Lambeth Farm towards Chalfont St. Peter on N. [and] parcel of land called Sawker's Deane on W.; half an acre of a piece of ground lying in a common field called Sawkers Dean `at the lower side of the said piece to be measured out', adjoining to the land now or late of the heirs of Thomas Downes, decd., on E.; messuage called Whett Crofts and close of arable land (2a.) adjoining to the said messuage abutting upon Chalfont Common [towards] S. and close formerly of Anthony Radclyffe [towards] N.; close of arable land (3a.) called Dean Acre abutting to Chalfont Common [towards] E. [and] the highway leading from Chalfont St. Peter to Chalfont St. Giles [towards] W.; piece of arable land (½a.) abutting upon Dean Acre aforesaid [towards] S. and lands formerly of Thomas Weatherby [towards] N.; close (2a.) called Longfield, abutting upon High Mead [towards] W. and the highroad aforesaid [towards] E.; slip or piece of pasture ground (1 rood) adjoining to a common field called Dewland [towards] S. and a lane leading from Chalfont St. Peter aforesaid towards High Mead [towards] N.; half acre of meadow ground in Old Mead, adjoining upon lands formerly of William Wingfield [towards] N., `and a certain field called Montfield'; three acres of arable land lying in a field called Kinery Hill, abutting on the high road aforesaid [towards] W. and land formerly of Anthony Radcliffe [towards] S.; `all which said last hereinbefore described lands and premises' are in the tenure or occupation of said [blank] Wade and of [blank] Hart
Close or field of arable land at Ashwell (co. Herts.), heretofore in the tenure or occupation of [blank] Christy and now of Mr. [blank] Hart
Annuity of £30 out of the house and demesne lands of the late dissolved monastery of Abbey - Cwmhir (co. Radnor) and out of all the manors, messuages, granges and lands heretofore belonging to the said monastery, in Llandiwas, Llanbister, Llannans, Llanbadarnus, Saint Harman, Mantmell and Karnaff within the parish of Clere (co. Radnor)
The fine to be levied from (a) to (b) to the use of (a) as tenants in common and not as joint tenants
Witness, to the sealing of (a) - William Ellis, jun.; to that of (b) - Walter Wakeford, clerk to Mr. Ellis
Author: Richard Jefferies
Year: 1910
Format: Other material
Media type: Other material
A Gentleman of Chichester, Sussex Smugglers (L.12,392)
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Vol II (1906) (L.12,419)
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