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Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site:1971
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Year: 1971
Format: Book
Class no: FISHBOURNE913
ISBN: E300003757
Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site:1977
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Year: 1977
Format: Book
Class no: FISBOURNE913
ISBN: E300165986
Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site. Revised Ed:1983
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Author: Rudkin, David J
Year: 1983
Format: Book
Class no: FISHBOURNE913
ISBN: E300119429
Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site. 2nd revised Ed:1991
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Author: Rudkin, David J
Year: 1991
Format: Book
Class no: FISHBOURNE913
ISBN: XX00069444
Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site. 4th revised Ed:1997
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Author: Rudkin, David J
Year: 1997
Format: Book
Class no: FISHBOURNE913
ISBN: E300172451
Book:Fishbourne: A Guide to the Site , Roman Palace, 4th revised Ed:1997
Author: Cunliffe, Barry
Year: 1997
Format: Book
Class no: 913.422FISHBOURNE
ISBN: X030785820
Author: Barry Cunliffe
Year: 1983
Format: Other material
Author: Barry Cunliffe
Year: 1983
Format: Other material
Publication Year: 1932
Media type: Other material
p1 Postcards - The Mill; The Windmill
p2 Unveiling and Dedication of Selsey War Memorial. May 1921
p3 Article in 'The Morris Owner' on Selsey. Sept 1925
p4 The Fun and Frolic Society's Ball. Jun 1922
p5 Photo of Sidlesham Mill; Selsey Horticultural Society Show Programme. July 1928
p6 Selsey Guide criticised; Selsey Fishermen catch torpedo. Aug-Oct 1927
p7 Coastal erosion; gold; resurfacing Manor Road. Jan 1929
p8 Selsey Water Company; Demolition of Pennicott's shop; Ist Selsey Troop of Boy Scouts. Jan 1929
p9 Mrs Ann Willis 97 remembers. Feb 1929
p10 Winter sports on The Ferry; Missing fishermen Lawrence and Homer; Major Holden builds sea wall to protect Norton Priory; Heron Allen weather statistics. Mar 1929
p12 Appeal against water rates rejected; Mar 1929
p14 Miss E Henwood and Mr L Maidment marry; Eric Woodland crafts model of full rigged ship. Apr-May 1929
p15 Schneider Cup; William Alsey accident on sea wall Norton. May 1929
p16; 27 Crablands pond; 200BC bead found; Burglary at Selsey Motor and Engineering Co; Traffic census; accidents on railway crossing. June 1929
p17 Road signs requested; New Lifeboat arrives; Girl Guide Fete. July 1929
p18-19 Urban powers; John Duncan guilty of theft. Water supply. July 1929
p20 Crablands pond; Steve Jenman dies; Chairman of Parish Council protest; Major R Leith dies. July 1929
p21 Cars speed along sands; Wanda daughter of Major Holden owner of Norton Priory marries; Inger Jenson rescued from sea by Mr H Hunnisett. July 1929
p22-23 Reply to Parish Chairman; Horticultural Show results. July 1929
p23a-25; 27;28;28a; 29;32;33;34-35 Further debate regarding Parish Chairman Mr S Day; Water Company Notice; Complaints about campers and Marine front litter. July 1929
p26 Ronald Marshall motor cycle accident; Albert Humphrey car accident; Crablands Park Lawn Tennis and Bowling Club Fete. Aug 1929
p28-28a Selsey Golf Club Cine-Kodak film; Gymkhana; Aug 1929
p29-30 Praise for Mr Hunnisett; Inquest on Leslie Denyer Sep 1929
p31 Prince of Wales visits East Beach; Death of both Miss Ellen Berthon M B and Mr Edwards; Wedding of Irene Habon and Cecil Glenister; vans and huts eyesores on cliff top. Oct 1929
p32 Selsey need official Sewerage scheme Oct 1929
p36-37 Coastal erosion; Prince of Wales interest in new Lifeboat; Mixon reef. Nov 1929
p38 Message in a bottle from American Scouts; First rescue by new Lifeboat; Flooding over Ferry. Dec 1929
p39-40 Charles Pelham of Littlehampton dies aged 94
p43-49 Postcards - Chichester Road; Iron Latch Cottage; Station Road; Seal Road; Fishing Beach; Lifeboat Slip; Fishermans Beach; Crablands;West Beach Bungalows; Goynes West Beach; The Mill; Medmerry Mill; Ruined walls. Jan 1930
p50 Coastal erosion; Two accidents with Selsey Tram; Capt F Guest purchases Oakwood Farm House aerodrome plans possible; Selsey Water. Jan 1930
p51 Scouts Guides and Brownies Party; Council housing meeting. Jan 1930
p52 Petition and letter of complaint about Stockbridge Road Railway Crossing. Jan 1930
p53 Ratepayer Association; Charles Pullinger 75 in Chichester Infirmary. Feb 1930
p55-56 Coastal erosion; Mrs Davis of 'Holmwood' accident. Feb 1930
p57 William Poundford bound over. Feb 1930
p59 Urban powers; Seal Road repairs; Meteorological statistics; Orchestral Society. Mar 1930
p60-61 Selsey Council Houses. Mar 1930
p62; 99 Norton Priory possible site of Roman Villa. Apr 1930
p63 Public Convenience discussion. Apr 1930
p64 Death of Mary Arnell of Grafton House; Eileen Keary the only woman naval architect to marry. May 1930
p65 Selsey Golf Club complaint to Sewer Commissioners. May 1930
p66-71 Empire Day Pagent Programme and photos. May 1930
p72 Beach eyesores need for Urban Powers. May 1930
p73 Natures answer to coastal erosion. May 1930
p74 Estimate of Revenue and Expenditure of Urban District Council. Jun 1930
p75-77 Urban powers. Jun 1930
p78-80 Coastal erosion. July 1930
p82 Heron-Allen's youngest Daughter Armorel died in car accident; Mortuary still awaited; Money available to purchase land for council houses in Selsey, Hunston and New Fishbourne. July 1930
p83 Amy Johnson visits Major Holden of Norton Priory; more complaints of unsightly shacks. Aug 1930
p85 Chichester Post full page advertisement for 'Selsey as a shopping Centre'. Sept 1930
p86 Selsey Drainage £46,000 Scheme; coastal erosion. Sept 1930
p88 Major Holden of Norton Priory loses friend to Airship disaster. Also purchases a Sea plane; Pullman carriages arrive on East Beach; Double-Decker bus dwelling owner fined; complaint about hawkers; Men's Institute, British Legion, Junior Imperial League, Womens Institute and Football news. Oct 1930
p89-90 Who should pay for sewerage and road making. Oct 1930
p91 Helen Leith in court alleged of false pretences. Oct 1930
p92 Selsey District Nursing association Notice. Nov 1930
p93 Heron-Allen complaint about travelling 1st Class on Railway to London. Nov 1930
p94 Mr Gibson Jarvie owner of Bill House builds a shingle and cement slope defence. Dec 1930
p95 J Sherrington and J Wilshire in sea rescue; Death of Helen Owens. Dec 1930
p96 Coxswain Fred Barnes awarded RNLI bronze medal; History of Selsey's old Church. Dec 1930
p98 Helen Leith imprisioned for obtaining money under false pretences. Nov 1930
p100-102 Postcards of Groynes West Beach; Lifeboat Slip; The Sands; Fishing Beach; Fishing Beach looking East. Dec 1930
p103 Looking back through 1929. Jan 1931
p105 Death of Mrs E Whitford Hocking; Funeral of Helen Owens. Dec 1930
p106-109 Selsey's problems of Housing, drainage, urban powers, antiquated Fire Appliances. Jan 1931
p110 Ann Willis 99. Jan 1931
p111 Selsey District Nurse resigns; Inquest on death of Harriet Davis. Feb 1931
p112 Electricity discussed for East Beach houses. Feb 1931
p113 Selsey's weak Fire fighting facilities. Feb 1931
p114-116 Fight for Urban powers. Feb 1931
p117 Mr and Mrs George Jupp Golden Wedding Anniversary; Wedding of George Edwards and Ivy Pennicord. Feb 1931
p118-119 Parish council discussion of mortuary, street lighting, public convenience, fire fighting appliance. March 1931
p120;122;126-128 Helen Leith court appearance. Apr 1931
p121 Meeting of Selsey Nurses Association. May 1931
p123-124 Heron-Allen develops lotion for bites and stings; visit of sewerage engineer; Bridge Club. May 1931
p125 Closure of The West Sussex Light Railway. May 1931
p129 Marraige Elizabeth Burt and Kenneth Maidment. May 1931
p130-132 Drainage scheme for Selsey. Jun 1931
p133 Death of Frances Homer; Daisy Fallick and F Bond wed. Jun 1931
p134-139 Selsey Sewerage; Death of Michael Bonnar; Horticultural Show. Jul 1931
p142 Views on Drainage Scheme. Aug 1931
p144 Receipt for Tax paid by Mr Clayton. Jan 1858
p147-148 Postcards - Beach and Bathing Huts; West Beach Bungalows; High Street; Crablands Pond. Aug 1931
p149-150 Water and Sewarage Scheme. Aug 1931
p151 Bridge Club; Dorothy Crouch and Henry Chatfield marry; Gymkhana. Aug 1931
p152-153 Town planning, fire hydrants, Church Norton street light; Funeral Mrs G Male. Oct 1931
p154 Death of Reuben Searle; Marraige of John Sayers and Eileen Pope. Nov 1931
p155 S'Kitakura Ltd - Heron-Allen's insect bite cure; Town Planning discussion. Water and sewerage; local economy. Nov 1931
p159-160 Ratepayers Association. Nov 1931
p161-162 Photos and article after Nov 1931 flooding. Nov 1931
p163 1931 census West Sussex figures. Nov 1931
p164-167 Burgulary at Chemists Shop; Water Company apology; Ratepayers Association; Sewerage problem after flooding at Ferry. Dec 1931
p168-170 Photographs of flooding at Ferry; steam train; Motor driven Tram. Dec 1931
p170-171 Samuel Day article on Fishing history in Selsey including some fishermen's deaths from 1786 - 1837. Dec 1931
p172 Full page advertisment for Christmas shopping in Selsey. Dec 1931
p173; 177 Parish Council accused of damaging the Infants School. Jan 1932
p174-175 Ferry Floods; Police reduction; Lifeboat rescue; Death of James Wilkins. Jan 1932
p176 Ann Willis reaches 100. Feb 1932
p179-181 Mortuary; Town planning; Urban powers; Hydrants; Police protection; Public footpaths. Apr 1932
p182-184 Fire Hydrants. Apr 1932
p185 First Annual Ratepayers Association Report. Apr 1932
p187 Selsey Fair originates from 1125. May 1932
p188 Auction of effects of Mr A H Woodman; Complaint about horses making sandy beach unsafe. May 1932
p189-190 Following a fire, complaint of lack of hydrants. June 1932
p191 Urban powers. Jun 1932
p192-193 Foreshore problems; Death of Richard Davey, George Tadd and Harriet Dibley; Missionary Association; Women legionaires; Heron-Allen letter. June 1932
p194-195 New Fire Appliance agreed upon Jul 1932
p196-198 H P Lee and W Prior defend beach ponies; Jurisdiction of foreshore; Edith Keep and Ronald Edwards marry. Jul 1932
p199 Derby winner horse takes sea baths at Selsey. Aug 1932
p200-202 Urban powers; foreshore rights. Oct 1932
p203 Urban Powers hearing November 2nd. Oct 1932
p204-206 Death of Hannah Ellaby and Richard Tadd; Mr S H Day impending departure. Oct 1932
p207-210 Selsey Urban powers enquiry; Death Mrs Lydia Mitchell. Nov 1932
p211 Roman coins found dated 400AD. Nov 1932
p212 Death of George Lawrence; Modern fire -fighting equipment to be purchased. Nov 1932
p213-214 Story of Pagham Harbour land lawsuit recalled. Dec 1932
p215-218 Postcards - 5 of Medmerry Mill; The Croft; The Croat. 1932
Author: Sussex Archaelogical Society
Year: 1991
Format: Other material
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