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Book:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Later Known as the West Sussex Railway 1897-1935:1968
Author: Griffith, E. C (Edward C)
Year: 1968
Format: Book
Class no: 385, MANHOOD385, SELSEY385
ISBN: E300015550
Book:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Later Known as the West Sussex Railway 1897-1935:1948
Author: Griffith, E. C (Edward C)
Year: 1948
Format: Book
Class no: 385, MANHOOD385, SELSEY385
ISBN: P000715360
Book:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways, Later Known as the West Sussex Railway 1897-1935 3rd Ed:1974
Author: Griffith, Edward C
Year: 1974
Format: Book
Class no: 942.25
ISBN: X22000210X
Book:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Later Known as the West Sussex Railway 1897-1935. 3rd Ed:1974
Author: Griffith, E. C (Edward C)
Year: 1974
Format: Book
Class no: 385
ISBN: E300131801
Book:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways. 1897-1935 Rev, Later Known as the West Sussex Railway:1968
Author: Griffith, Edward C
Year: 1968
Format: Book
Class no: 942.25, 385
ISBN: X000172537
Paperback:Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Later Known as the West Sussex Railway 1897-1935.. 4th ed:c199-
Author: Griffith, Edward C
Year: c199-
Format: Paperback
Class no: 942.25
ISBN: XX00083790
Publication Year: 1969
Media type: Other material
Publication Year: 1931
Media type: Other material
Concerning rent owed by the latter for Chalder Lane, Sidlesham
Publication Year: 1915
Media type: Other material
p1 - 16 History of Chichester Harbour by Councillor Fowler. Oct 1910-Mar 1911
p18 Diptheria outbreak; Tramline repairs; Scouting; Mrs Mant lived in six reigns. Jan - Apr 1911
p20 -25 St Wilfrid; Promoting Chichester; Coronation Dinner for Selsey fishermen at Norton Priory; Selsey Sports; Roman Sculpture unearthed at Bosham; Repairing Amberley Castle. Mar - Nov 1911
p26 - 32; 39 Death of Mr Israel Shepherd; Concert for funds towards building for the Scouts; Captain Pelham in Divorce Case. Nov-Dec 1911
p33 Court dispute over Church Farm Pagham land.
p34 -38; 48 -49 Cope amd mitre presented to Bishop of Chichester; Gale and vessels sunk at Selsey; Heron-Allen archaeological 'finds' in mud bank; ancient Font at Selsey. Dec 1911-Jan 1912
p35 Death of John Bishop of Norton Priory Dec 1911
p40 - 41 Complaint to Council that 'No granite allocated for Selsey roads'; Buildings wrecked after gale. Feb - Mar 1912
p42 Battles in which Cicestrians have fought. Mar 1912
p43 - 46 Coastal erosion; Romance of Lady Frankland; Selsey Representatives in Westhampnett Rural District Council Election; Historical notes on Canon of Chichester in 1455; Oaths of Edward Hussey 1793; Will of Rose Jenner of Chichester 1649; Mr Partner died in 'Titanic'. First Ratepayers Association. April 1912
p47 Pinkney's Green Girl Guides camped at Selsey; Francis Sangorski drowned. Jun 1912
p49-52 Dedication of new organ at St Peter's Church. Jun 1912
p53 Norton Priory Church Norton for sale. Jul 1912
p56 Scouting; Light Railways Act; New Bowling Green; West Street Access to the sea. Mar-Jun 1913
p56 Women's Unionist Branch Formed. Dec 1912
p58-60 Selsey Regatta; French Hydroplane repaired; Carnival; Drainage scheme. Aug-Sep 1913
p61 Selsey Minstrels Programme. Oct 1913
p62 - 65 Selsey Tramways Annual Meeting; Tramway Extension; Lt Foot of RNLI retires; Drainage scheme. Oct - Nov 1913
p66; 70 Work started on a new Lifeboat slipway; Terriitorials of Royal Sussex Regiment recruiting - 15 join Dec 4. Nov - Dec 1913
p68 Bombardier Wells English Champion Boxer. Dec 1913
p71 - 73 Guardians meeting re rate collection; Drainage scheme; Bowling Club dinner; Parish Council Meeting. Dec 13-Jan 1914
p74 - 75 Death of Alfred and William Woodland; Canal bridges and Selsey sewerage question. Jan - Feb 1914
p76 Condemnation of Drainage scheme by Parish Council. Feb 1914
p77 Royal National Life-boat Fund raising letter. Feb 1914
p78 Parish Council discussion of Refuse collection; Water Company report. Apr 1914
p79 - 83; 90 Clerk to the Parish Council to be appointed; Lifeboat slipway completed; Death of Lieutenant Burnett; Water Company meeting. May - Jun 1914
p84 Three serious Motor Vehicle accidents. June 1914
p85 - 89 Selsey Drainage Scheme adopted. June 1914
p91 New Post Office; Ladies Day at the Bowling Club. June 1914
p92 Paper on the Archbishop's manors in Sussex. June 1914
p96 Sussex volunteers in 1806; Abandon Territorial volunteers and join Regular Army letter. Aug 1914
p97; 101 List of Selsey men on active service Roll of Honour. Aug - Oct 1914
p99 -100 List of Scouts serving from Selsey and praise from Heron Allen. Aug - Oct 1914
p100 Funeral of Edmund Robinson; Local Relief Fund; Scouting; Lord Walsingham. Oct 1914
p101 Chichester County Petty Sessions - Weak Brandy and watered Milk. Oct 1914
p103 - 104; 107 Professor Herman Oelsner charged under the Aliens' Restriction Order 1914 at Chichester Court. Oct 1914
p105 - 106 Entertainment evening in aid of Belgian Refugees Fund; Death of John Barnes; AGM Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramway Ltd. Nov 1914
p108 Presentation to Mr Sydney Ray; Death of Charles Lawrence. Dec 1914
p110 - 112 Duke of Norfolk's Proclamation ' If Invasion Comes'; Sir Robert Baden-Powell visits Selsey Scouts; Letter received from a Selsey Soldier serving during the War. Jan 1915
p114 Death of Edward Lewis; First death of Selsey Parishioner William Woolven; Funeral of Frank Fogden. Jan 1915
p116 New vicar Rev Macdermott; 2nd Selsey soldier killed Cecil Cotton. June 1915
p117 Red Cross Classes; John Sayers marries Dorothy Pennicord. June 1915
p118 Sgt Herbert Norris dies in active service; Charles Fowler writes home to Selsey parents. Jul 1915
p119 List of Selsey men on active service Roll of Honour. July 1915
p120-122 Rev W C G Wilson Presentation; Death of Prof Edward Minchin. July 1915
p124 - 126 Death of Sir Edward A Hamilton. Oct 1915
p127 - 128 Inquest of Percy Solomon off the Star of Buchan; Selsey Tramway. Nov - Dec 1915
p129 Selsey Institute Annual General Meeting. Dec 1915
p130 - 131 Postcards; Beach looking West; Bungalows; High Street and Post Office; Bungalows . Dec 1915
p133 Selsey Lodge Notifications and Year Accounts 1912-13;1913-14;1914-15. Dec 1915.
Publication Year: 1912
Media type: Other material
Edmund Royds, Esq., to Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Co. Ltd
Reclaimed land at Sidlesham
Publication Year: 1897
Media type: Other material
Passenger tickets for the Chichester - Hunston section. Ticket Nos. 0002-0004. (3 items)
Contained in envelope endorsed by T.G. Willis: "The first tickets issued from Chichester to Hunston on the Selsey Tramway Line, August 1897"
The tramway commenced on 27 August 1897, and with the exception of Ticket No. 0001, these would seem to be the first tickets issued on the HMST line
Publication Year: 1896
Media type: Other material
The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Company, Articles of Association.
Publication Year: 1897
Media type: Other material
Form to apply for registered mortgage debentures of £25 each.
Publication Year: 1923
Media type: Other material
p1 Christmas Dinners for men on active service, messengers and Scouts; Mrs W Lee letter from the King; Jan 1916
p2 - 3 Goodwood Rainfall 1915; Poem sent from front by C Chapman to honour his fallen son; death of 2nd Lt Dudley Jewell; Heron-Allen Honoured. Jan 1916
p4 In 1914 28 batisms, 13 marraiges,19 burials; Rev K H MacDermott gift from Sir A Hamilton. Feb 1916
p5 Death of Mr and Miss F Honywood; Mrs Jinman, Mrs Woodland, Flute donated to Church belonging to J Sharpe; marraige of H S Pfeiffer and Miss M Burnett. May 1916
p6 Annual meeting of Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramway; Roman Silver coins found. May 1916
p7 Kitchener Memorial Service - list of names of men fallen in war; Women's Emergency Canteens for Soldiers in France. August 1916
p8 Gifts of inscribed Oak Tablet, cover and stained glass window given to St Peter's Church; Zeppelin Raid; Death of James Lawrence seafaring Pilot. Sept - Oct 1916
p10 Work at chancel at Church Norton; Presentation to Mr Denman of Telescope; Charge against Mr Cross of Sandy Hill Selsey for showing light on the night of the Zeppelin raid. Gale sinking three boats. Oct - Nov 1916
p12 Plea by Alfred Rusbridge to continue restoration of 'Old Pagham Wall'; Marine Road repairs. Nov 1916
p13 Stone Head found at Bosham; Memorial window in St Peter's Church; Death of Private J Sayers. Jan - Mar 1917
p14 - 16 59th Anniversary of Mr and Mrs E Arnell; Volunteer Company for Home Defence; Selsey Tramways report/extension; Regulation of Trading, Fishing, Pleasure cruising and boating. May 1917
p17 Chichester Dramatic Society Programme. Apr 1917
p18 - 19 Letter regarding naming a new Road after Miss Hogan; letter regarding40 years service of Thomas Sparshott; Programme for concert at Cinema Hall. May - Aug 1917
p20 Selsey Institute appeal. Aug 1917
p21 Selsey Lodge Balance sheet 1916-17; Freemasons letter to Heron Allen; Heron Allen's subscription and resignation letter. Jul 1917
p22 Selsey Golf Club notification of new control by W Ford Lewis. Jan 1919
p23 Appeal for funds for Selsey Elementary School; Programme for a concert in the Selsey Hotel 1917 and Cinema Hall 1918. 1917-1920
p25 Mrs Aria's comments on the peninsular; Mary de Crespigny, accident on Selsey Tramway. Jun - Jul 1917
p26 Mrs A's comments; Lifeboat Day; Aug 1917
p28-29 A R Jones 17, temporary postman charged with throwing postal packages in pond; Death of 2nd Lt B H Penfold also Henry Grigg 94. Sept 1917-Jan 1918
p30 Knighthood for six times Mayor of Chichester Archibald Garland. Jan 1918
p31 DCM for Company Sergeant-Major J A Mitchell; Morgan v Smith bathing hut dispute. Feb - Mch 1918
p34 Proprietor of Selsey Golf Club found in the Rife; Military Medal for C H Fowler; Death of Corporal E H Smith. May - Sept 1918
p35 Warning to Shareholders of Selsey Tramway. Jun 1918
p36 A W Cooper 17 accused of theft at Selsey; G Russell-Davies bequest to the Nation of old Sussex Metal Work. Dec 1918 - Jan 1919
p37 The Club started for comrades of the Great War; Mr Frank Sharpe dies of lock-jaw; Annual temperatures for Selsey 1918. Mar-Apr 1919
p38 New slipway and Lifeboat planned; Peace celebrations; Selsey Tramway Annual General Meeting. July 1919
p39 Two invitations to Peace Dinners. Aug-Sept 1919
p40 Two bungalows destroyed by fire. Sep 1919
p41 - 54 Selsey's Rev K H MacDermott writes of his times serving as an Army Chaplain in the Balkans. Oct - Dec 1919
p55 Heron-Allen loans field to Selsey Football Club;Mr and Mrs Phillip Lawrence celebrate 50th Anniversary; Extract from Norwegian Newspaper on British Navy work; Chas Homer 84 drowning accident; Seals in Chichester Harbour; Percy Arnell tossed by bull; Commarades of the Great War Club now have 150 members; Funeral of Miss Katherine Foster. Oct 1919 -Jan 1920
p56, 61 Memorial Cross planned; Rev K H MacDermott appointed as Honorary Chaplain of the Forces 4th Class; Yvonne Pruneau Governess drowned. Jun - Aug 1920
p57-60 Postcards of Cablands, East Road, High Street, Fishermen's huts, West Beach and sands. 1920
p61 - 64 Culver Bank Mystery Ship; New Lodge of the R A O B opened; Manhood Red Cross Aid Society; Selsey Theft case report; Selsey Institute meeting. Dec 1920-Jan 1921
p65 Freemasons; Talk on Bosham's history; Mar 1921
p66 - 68 Sir William Bird elected Coalition Unionist Parlimentary Member.Sir W Bird addresses Women electors in East Street Selsey; War Memorial Unveiling; Nursing Association; First Women's Institute formed. Apr - May 1921
p69 Proposal and plans of War Memorial. Nov 1919
p70 -72 Letter from Rusbridge about Memorial Clock and reply from Council. Jan 1920
p73 - 75 Unveiling and dedication of War Memorial and photos of the occasion. May 1921
p76 - 78 Postcards of Crablands, East Road, High Street, Fishermen's huts, West Beach and sands. 1921
p Mants Cottage and pond; Iron Latch and Old Cottage; 1921
p79 Christmas Dinner for Officers and Men of HM Forces Stationed in Selsey List of subscriptions and Accounts 1914 - 1916. Mar 1916
p80 Letter from Rector connected with Mr Denman organist retiring. July 1916
p81 -83 Post cards Pavillion; Marine Hotel and Houses; West Street; West Cliff; East Beach. 1921
p84 John Holmes accused of false statement of earnings to claim more pension. Jun 1921
p85 Prehistoric Flints; Donation of land in West Street for Village Hall; R A O B Raising Ceremony. Jun 1921
p86 Revival of Sports and Regatta; Erection of stained glass window in Church Norton Chapel. Aug 1921
p88 - 89 E G Arnell & Son Prosecution regarding short delivery of coal. Jan 1922
p90 - 91 E G Arnell Election Ballot Paper. Mar 1922
p92 New Lifeboat; Heron-Allen Local tour; Fun and Frolic Society's Ball. May - Jun 1922
p94 Malt House for sale; Roman remains found constructing new lifeboat slipway. Jul 1922 - Jan 1923
p95 Betty Hinxman wins Sand design; Fun and Frolic Society; Spanish Training Ship 'Cataluna'. Aug 1922 - Jun 1923
p96 - 97 Prince George visits friends at Marine Hotel; St Wilfrid's Chapel gifts; Village Hall plan moved to High Street; Oldest inhabitant 'Grannie Willis'; Selsey Regatta. Aug 1923
p98 Ayling v Outram possession of shop East Road; Selsey Tram Crossing; Widening of Albion Road; Sand Game; Postcard Clayton Road. August 1923
p100 - 103 Postcards The Beach; Old Farm House High Street; Old Watch House Fishermans Beach;West Cliff; High Street; Marine Hotel; Seal Road. 1923
p104 - 106 Post cards from watercolour sketches by E Pretouris. 1923
p107 - 108 Robert Luckin Quarter Sessions Case. Jan 1923
p109 - 114; 126-127 Articles on Villages around Chichester. Jun - Sept 1923
p116-124 Train leaves rail at Golf Links. Herbert Barnes crushed and killed. Sept 1923
p125 Selsey Carnival Revived. Bransby Williams added to Memorial Cross. Aug 1923
p129 - 131 Church Hall two foundation stones laid October 24th; Lady Hamilton stole from friends. Oct 1923
p133 - 135 Tramway application. Nov 1923.
Publication Year: 1902
Media type: Other material
Including election addresses and notices of public events, printed by various Chichester printers - Mason, Williams and Pullinger, Adcock, and Knight. These are loose documents, although some were found inserted in the bound volumes listed above. (33 docs.)
f.1 20 May 1799. Sussex Weekly Advertiser or Lewes Journal. (4pp.)
f.2 4 December 1822. Handbill expressing gratitude of Messrs. W.E. and T. Humphry, wine and spirit merchants, for assistance rendered in extinguishing a fire on their premises at West Gate, Chichester
f.3 1 July 1828. Poster advertising the sale by auction at the Crown Inn, Arundel, of a dwelling house, outbuildings, and meadow land at Warningcamp and Lyminster, formerly the property of Richard Goble of Warningcamp, deceased
Annotated: 1 July 1828. Conditions of Sale and acknowledgement of purchase for £56 by Thomas Weller
f.4 28 April 1831. Address to the Independent Electors of the City of Chichester by G. Webster, Battle Abbey, accepting nomination as candidate for the election, and pledging support for the Reform Bill
On reverse: 16 November 1837. Notice inviting tenders for the lease of the market tolls in Chichester
f.5 21 November 1835. Address to the Burgesses of the City of Chichester by James Powell of South Pallant, solicitor, offering himself for election to the office of Town Clerk
f.6 10 December 1835. Address to the First Elected Councillors of the Borough of Chichester by John Sherwood, offering himself for election as Town Clerk in succession to Mr. Price
f.7 26 February 1848. Broadsheet, printed by William Hayley Mason, 21 East Street, Chichester, on the abdication of Louis Philippe and the proclamation of the Second Republic in France
f.8 19 December 1863. Funeral card announcing the attendance of the Mayor and Corporation of Chichester at a service at the Cathedral in aid of the Association for the Welfare of the Blind and in memory of the Reverend Sir George Shiffner, Prebendary of Chichester, and of Mrs. Gilbert, wife of the Reverend Ashurst Turner Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester
f.9 6 January 1868. Chichester Cattle Market Site. Address in favour of Fletcher's Pond Field, in preference to Ballard's Field, as a site for the proposed new Cattle Market
f.10 28 July 1868. Goodwood Races. First Day. Race-card
f.11 12 September 1873. Water and Drainage. Handbill, issued in the name of "A Grateful Citizen", supporting those who advocated improved drainage and water supply in Chichester
f.12 October 1873. Squib regarding the Chichester Fire Brigade. Poor condition
f.13 1873. Squib regarding the Chichester Fire Brigade
f.14 31 January 1874. Squib on the declining fortunes of the Liberal Party in Chichester
f.15 1 June 1887. City of Chichester. The Queen's Jubilee. Programme of celebrations to be held on 21 June 1887
f.16 1 June 1897. Chichester Cathedral. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Notice of a thanksgiving service in the Cathedral to be held on 22 June 1897
f.17 6 July 1898. The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways Company. Souvenir to Members of the Surveyors Club on their visit. Contains statistics including capital assets, costs of construction, volume of business, etc
f.18 2 November 1898. Address to the electors of the East Ward, Chichester, by John Chase Budden and William Gale, on their re-election as Members of the Town Council
f.19 31 January 1901. Chichester Cathedral. Arrangements for Memorial Service on the occasion of the burial of Queen Victoria on 2 February 1901. (4pp.)
f.20 12 April 1901. Chichester Cathedral. Arrangements for Special Service on the dedication of the North-West Tower of the Cathedral, to be held on 16 April 1901. (8pp.)
f.21 18 June 1902. City of Chichester. Celebration of the Coronation. Programme of events to be held in the city to celebrate the Coronation of Edward VII on 26 June 1902. (8pp.)
ff.22-24 23 June 1902. Chichester Cathedral. Arrangements for Coronation Service on the occasion of the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra on 26 June 1902. (4pp., 3 copies)
ff.25-26 June 1902. City of Chichester. The Coronation. Poster announcing the programme of events organised by the Mayor and Corporation of Chichester to celebrate the Coronation of Edward VII on 26 June 1902. (2 copies)
F.27 1902. King Edward VII Popular Coronation Programme. Details of the London celebrations, the events in Chichester and Bognor, the Coronation Beacon fires, and the Naval Review, in June 1902. Includes Chichester and Bognor trade advertisements. (14pp.)
ff. 28-30 1902. City of Chichester. Official programme of the torchlight procession to be held in Chichester on Coronation Day, 9 August 1902. (3pp., 3 copies)
The coronation of Edward VII, originally planned for 26 June, was postponed until 9 August 1902, because of the King's illness and operation
f.31 21 June 18--c.1820. Sale Particular for the sale by auction, by order of the assignees of William Cobden, a bankrupt, of a brewery, plant, malt house, and two dwelling houses, in Tower Street, Chichester. Poor condition
f.32 22 J---- c.1820. Sale Particular for the sale by auction at the Angel Inn, Midhurst, of a malt house and brewery in Midhurst, the Angel Inn and the Half Moon Public House at Midhurst, the Bell Public House at Cocking, the dwelling house formerly called the Black Horse at Heyshott, and other property at Midhurst and Cocking, formerly the property of James Cobden, brewer, a bankrupt. Poor condition
f.33 n.d. Election Poster. "Vote for Owen-Jones and support Lloyd George". Photograph
Publication Year: 1913
Media type: Other material
The schemes are (i) the `Reconstruction' of the Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Tramway; (ii) a new railway from a double junction in Hunston with the above tramway, to West and East Wittering, with a branch to West Itchenor. Parishes: (i) Chichester St. Bartholomew, St. Peter the Great and St. Pancras; Donnington, Rumboldswhyke, Hunston, North Mundham, Sidlesham and Selsey; (ii) Hunston, Donnington, Appledram, Birdham, West Itchenor and West Wittering. Shows (i) the route of the tramways as then existing, giving almost no detail except the line of track; (ii) the route of the intended railway with some details of the country through which it passes; limits of deviation. Names (i) the stations on the tramway; (ii) nothing. The sections, horizontal scale as above, vertical scale 1 in. to 100 ft., are of (ii) only and give gradients and include cross-sections of points where roads and railway meet. 1 in. O.S. map (1910) on which the intended railway is drawn in red. Printed estimate, 31 May 1913, prepared by H. F. Stephens, giving every stage in the calculations by which the final sum (£80,808 13s. 3d.) was attained. Printed book of reference giving owners and occupiers.
Approx. 6 in. to 1 m. Three pages, 22 x 30
Publication Year: 1897
Media type: Other material
(a) Dean and Chapter of Chichester, (b) The Ecclesiastical Commissioners of England, (c) The Hundred of Manhood & Selsey Tramways Company Limited
By lease of even date the Chapter conveyed to the Company certain freehold pieces of land (2a.) in Sidlesham, `for the purposes of the formation by the Company of a Tramway from Chichester to Selsey', of which some including the site of a passenger and goods station for Sidlesham formerly belonged to Chalder Farm belonging to the Chapter, part of the approach to which farm is by a private occupation road, the property of the trustees of Nash's Charity, for the privilege of using which, the Chapter or their tenant, Benjamin Aylwin, for the last 35 years had paid £2 annually; the sale of these lands stipulated that the Company should also acquire from the trustees a right to use this road, but difficulties arose because there was only one surviving trustee, and it is doubtful what powers of alienation the trustees possessed
It is now agreed, (i) that the Company will use their best endeavours to obtain the above grant, (ii) that the Company shall maintain this road, (iii) that, if this grant is not obtained within two years, the Chapter will grant to the Company a right of way over Chapter land, (iv) that the Company should then maintain a road upon this strip of land, and (v) that it shall be given up to the Chapter if the Tramway ceases
Media type: Other material
The documentation of this tramway may be discussed on two levels. On the one, there are the recollections and opinions of workers and travellers, and newspaper stories by which the more remarkable events in the history of the line can be interpreted in human terms. This aspect of the tramway is well covered. On the other, there are the statutory, legal and administrative records of the company including plans of the proposed route and minutes of the board of directors. Such records of this nature as exists are to be found in the County Record Office at Chichester but apart from the Deposited Plans and their associated documents there is little to work on; very few records of the tramway company as an administrative unit survive.
However, to this information the documents described below can add a little more. Messrs. Raper, Freeland and Tyacke were solicitors to the tramway company and the importance of their records is that they illustrate aspects of the administration which might not otherwise come to light. For instance the correspondence over an abortive effort to secure a new locomotive (see no. 210) will not be found elsewhere in one bundle nor, one suspects, was any of this information featured in the newspapers of the day. Moreover, it is from this apparently dull collection of letters that the personalities of the tramway officials come alive, their talents and weaknesses are exposed, and the efficiency of the company's administrative machine (split between Selsey, London and Tonbridge) is revealed.
(Technically it was not a railway until 1924 but in practical terms there was little difference; see E.C.Griffith The Hundred of Manhood and Selsey Tramways, pp.4,5, 23 and 24, and correspondence in no. 211.)
(Because the railway did not close down until 1935 personal reminiscences are still strong and there is much nostalgic interest in its history. See a feature article in The Chichester Observer, 12 March 1965, and correspondence in the subsequent issue.)
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