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Book:Letters from Hilaire Belloc:1958
Author: Belloc, Hilaire
Author: Speaight, Robert
Year: 1958
Format: Book
ISBN: XX00013456, X00050890X
Book:From Belloc to Churchill, Private Scholars, Public Culture and the Crisis of British Liberalism 1900-1939:1996
Author: Feske, Victor
Year: 1996
Format: Book
ISBN: 9780807846018, 0807846015
Publication Year: 0
Media type: Other material
Two undated autograph books containing some signatures of eminent men
9 unidentified letters and autographs
Draft of a 1925 letter sent by WH asking for autographs
Typewritten list of names of eminent men and women
Approximately 100 autographs, either on small pieces of paper, on photographs or as signatures on letters, collected by WH when a schoolboy, between the years 1925 and 1928, together with letters given to him by his father dating back to 1897
Autographs from
Field Marshall Sir Edmund Allenby
Raold Amundsen
John Ansell
T Vijay Araghavacharist
Archbishop of Arctic
Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st earl of Oxford and Asquith
Stanley Baldwin, 1st earl Baldwin
Arthur James Balfour, 1st earl of Balfour
Cyril Charles Bowman Bardsley, bishop of Peterborough [see JR Hussey's letter]
Peter Randolph Louis Beatty, 1st earl Beatty
Joseph Hilaire Pierre René Belloc (2), including one to Mr Hollis
Claude Martin Blagden, bishop of Peterborough
George Body to JR Hussey
Amesly Brown
Buckingham Palace letterhead
Richard E Byrd, enclosing autograph of Floyd Bennett
Reginald John Campbell to JR Hussey
Florence Mary Cecil, Lady Cecil to JR Hussey
Revd. Lord Rupert Ernest William Cecil to JR Hussey
Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Mandell Creighton, bishop of London, to JR Hussey
Alexandra Danilova, autographed photograph
Charles Frederick D'Arcy, bishop of Armagh, to JR Hussey
Randall Thomas Davidson, archbishop of Canterbury
Sir Francis Bernard (Frank) Dicksee
Anton Dolin, autographed photograph
Alfred George Edwards, lord archbishop of Wales and lord bishop of St Asaph
Arthur Creyke England
Sir William Russell Flint
Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson
Sir George James Frampton
Joan Fry
George Edward Alexander Edmund, duke of Kent
William Ewart Gladstone
Charles Gore, bishop of Birmingham (4) of which 3 to JR Hussey
Sir Edward Grey, Viscount Grey of Faloden
Mark Hambourg
Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins
James Thomas Hayes, bishop of Trinidad, to JR Hussey
Gustav Theodore Holst
John Rowden Hussey's 1925 letter enclosing 2 autographs of Anna Pavlova (one on a photograph), and autographs of the bishops of Leicester, Lincoln and Peterborough, and of Dr Albert C Tysoe
Sir Julian Sorell Huxley to Sir Geoffrey Keynes
William Ralph Inge, dean of St Paul's, to JR Hussey
Augustus Edwin John
Sheila Kaye-Smith to Revd RA Edwards
John Augustine Kempthorne, bishop of Lichfield, to JR Hussey
Cosmo Gordon Lang, archbishop of York, to JR Hussey
Serge Lifery, 2 autographed photographs
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge
Edward Verrall Lucas
Dr Luther, Berlin
James Ramsay Macdonald
William Dalrymple Maclagan, archbishop of York
William Thomas Manning, bishop of New York, to JR Hussey
John Edward Masefield
Paul Sanford Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen
Alan Alexander Milne
Christopher Robin Milne
George Morrow
Owen Ramsay Nares
Don Parker
Sir (Horatio) Gilbert (George) Parker
Henry George Percy, 7th duke of Northumberland, to JR Hussey
Charles Edward Plumb, bishop of St Andrews, to JR Hussey
Sir Charles Edward Pollock to JR Hussey
Edmund Nathanael Powell, bishop of Mashonaland, to JR Hussey
Walter John Forbes Robberds, bishop of Brechin (2) to JR Hussey
George Robey, 3 autographed pictures
Sir Landon Ronald
Ernest Rutherford, Baron Rutherford of Nelson
Albert Sammons, autograph on printed programme of a recital given with Mark Hambourg
Thomas Evelyn Scott-Ellis, 8th Baron Howard de Walden Andres Segovia
Maggie Smith, autographed photograph
Richard Strauss, postcard showing signed photograph
William Temple, bishop of Manchester, to JR Hussey
Francis Henry Thicknesse, bishop of Leicester, to JR Hussey
Arturo Toscanini, autographed photograph
`Uncle Percy'
Henry Wace, dean of Canterbury
John Wakeford to JR Hussey
EA Wallis Bridge to Miss Hollis
George Henry Somerset Walpole, bishop of Edinburgh
Stanley J Weyman
Frank Theodore Woods, bishop of Winchester
IL Woolmel to JR Hussey
John Wordsworth, bishop of Salisbury
Also letters from the secretaries of
Stanley Baldwin (EM Watson)
David Lloyd George (AJ Sylvester)
George Bernard Shaw (B Patch)
But without autographs
Publication Year: 1947
Media type: Other material
Hilaire Belloc, 9 April 1941; 9 April 1941
Mrs. M. Bromhead, 2 July 1945; 9 July 1945
Maud Diver, 19 November
Sir Ian Hamilton, 8 April 1941
C.A. Lejeune, n.d
Esther Meynell, 20 April 1947; 21 May 1947
Bruce Montgomery (Edmund Crispin), 22 May 1947; 30 May 1947
Nigel Tranter, 1 July 1947
Dornford Yates, 16 December 1947
Original Poem, `The Queerest Queen' ? by Michael Burt
14 items
Publication Year: 1929
Media type: Other material
Includes letter of recommendation for Belloc's former secretary Kathleen O'Leary, on King's Land headed notepaper; letter from J.B. Morton ('Beachcomber') accepting an invitation to the marriage of the daughter of Charles O'Leary written in his typical style; letter to James Murray Allison from Basil Cameron regarding the Hastings Music Festival of 1927, during which the Prince of Wales was to open the new Pavilion [now the White Rock Theatre] and Belloc was to introduce the Prince to the 'Godwin girl'.
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