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Book:Mr. Trotter of Worthing and the Brighton Theatre, The Theatre Royal 1814-1819:1944
Author: Odell, Mary Theresa
Author: Worthing art Development Scheme
Author: Theatre Royal (Brighton)
Author: Trotter, Thomas
Year: 1944
Format: Book
Class no: BRIGHTON792, WORTHING792
ISBN: E300009496
Publication Year: 1842
Media type: Other material
23 Sept. 1826. To Mr. James Henty & Hopkins, Bankers, Worthing, from `a Friend', giving information about the robbery of a parcel from a coach
Jan. 1840. To Messrs. Henty & Co., Bank, Worthing. A declaration by a religious fanatic
[Jan. 1840.] A similar declaration
15 Feb. 1840. From John Trotter, Horton Place, near Epsom, relating to the robbery at the Horsham Bank
15 Feb. 1840. Enclosure mentioned in the previous letter
14 Feb. 1840. To Edwin Henty, Ferring, Worthing, from H.J. Padwick of Crawley, concerning the robbery
28 Mar. 1842. To Messrs. Henty & Co., Bankers, Arundel, from John Drewitt of Peppering, thanking them for assistance
Publication Year: 1828
Media type: Other material
Richard Gates. Payee. Duty paid on 309 Chaldron and 18 bushels of coal (and subsequent amounts later)
Joseph Wicks. Payee. Duty paid on coal
George Burfield. Payee. Fined for non-payment on coal duty
Richard Isenmonger. Payee. Duty paid on coal brought into town by land
John [Hickox]. Payee. Duty paid on coal brought into town by land
Penfold & Henty Messr's. Payee. Duty paid on coal brought into town by land
Oliver Hillman. Payee. Duty paid on coal brought into town by land
Michael [Murral]. Signatory
Edward Hartford. Signatory
Thomas H Goble. Signatory
Edward Hide. Signatory
Thomas Shotter. Signatory
Thomas Trotter. Creditor. Balance of princial due on mortgage
Treasurers Worthing Friendly Society. Creditor. Balance of princial due on mortgage
Oliver Hillman. Creditor. Drawback
Penfold & Henty Messr's. Creditor. Drawback
Joseph Wicks. Creditor. Drawback
Charles Carter. Creditor. Drawback
Richard Gates. Creditor. Salary for a year
John Hickox. Creditor. For giving an account to Mr Rice of 20 chaldron of coals brought into town by land.
Treasurers Worthing market . Creditor
Treasurers Worthing Paving. Creditor
Publication Year: 1823
Media type: Other material
Trotter Mr. Sep 1822 payment John Heather. Sep 1823 and Dec 1823 payment
Oliver Hillman. Sep 1823 payment
Tamplin Mr. Dec 1823 payment
Joseph Wicks. Dec 1823 payment
Hopkins & Penfold Messrs. Dec 1823 payment
Swift Mr. Dec 1823 payment
Hickcox Mr. Dec 1823 payment
Partington Mr. Dec 1823 payment
G Parsons. Jun 1823 signed
William Whitter. Jun 1823 signed
Henry Newland. Jun 1823 signed
John Capworth. Jun 1823 signed
W Munday. Jun 1823 signed
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