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Paperback:Ragged Lands, Viscountess Wolseley's College for Lady Gardeners Glynde:2002
Author: Crook, Diana
Year: 2002
Format: Paperback
ISBN: XX00057071
Publication Year: 1812
Media type: Other material
The following two documents, which formerly bore the respective Essex Record Office references, D/DQt 129, 130, now guarded and filed:-
(i) 26 May - 21 Nov. 1811
Account for £237. 0s. 6d. due from George Francis Tyson, esq., to John Prickett for valuing, between these dates, lands and tithes in Singleton, West Dean, Binderton, and Halnaker [in Boxgrove] upon an intended tripartite exchange of properties between [Charles, 4th] Duke of Richmond, [John, 2nd] Lord Selsey, and said George Frederick Tyson
Lists in detail 34 properties, giving names of occupiers and valuation, including estate called Cucumbers [in Singleton], part of Broadham Farm [in Singleton], and Downley Farm [in West Dean], to be ceded by the Duke of Richmond to said Tyson; estate `called West Hampnetts, near Chichester' to be ceded by Lord Selsey, `through' Tyson, to the Duke of Richmond; estate called Ragged Jacks [in West Dean] and various portions of tithes in Singleton, to be ceded by Lord Selsey to Tyson; Singleton Farm, and part of Old Warren Farm [in West Dean] to be ceded by Tyson to the Duke of Richmond; and part of said Old Warren Farm to be ceded by Tyson to Lord Selsey
(ii) Feb. - June 1812
Account for £217. 5s. 0d. (altered in pencil to £217. 9s. 0d.) due from George Francis Tyson, as above, to John Prickett for valuing, between these dates, timber on certain of the above properties, presumably also in connection with the intended exchange
Publication Year: 1810
Media type: Other material
Reciting from 1734 to 1791, of premises formerly copyhold of the manor of Charlton:--
(i) Yardland and 9a. boardland surrendered by Edward Fawkes in 1755.
(ii) Messuage, barn, garden, 34.25a land and 60a. called the Common Land surrendered by Joseph Fary in 1766.
(iii) Messuage, barn, orchard, garden, South Field near the chalk pits (7a.), Lampits (1a.) near Crouch Field (2a.), 0.25;a. near Singleton Lane, being a yardland with a parcel of land on South Down allotted in lieu of common for 80 sheep; 2 tenements called Cotlands (21.5a) with common of pasture for 50 sheep; 2 messuages, garden and close called Cotfield with common for 25 sheep on North Down and 5 hogs in Charlton Forest. Surrendered by Henry and Edward Budd in 1766.
(iv) Barn and gateroom formerly Aylings, and of late years called the Ragged Barn surrendered by Joseph and William Budd in 1766.
(v) Tenement, barn, barn gate and 0.75;a. meadow, West Fields (3a.), Critch Field (3a.), Wattleham near Smallendean (2a.) being one yardland; Tenant Soal (16a.) being 1.5 yardlands and common of pasture for 40 sheep on North Down and for 7 hogs in Charlton Forest; parcel of Cotland; tenement and garden heretofore called Fye Garden and since Goddens. Surrendered by John Glover in 1767.
(vi) Tenement, garden, Mead Plott, Cotfield (3a.), Sweet Lands (9a.) and 18a. inclosed Common surrendered by John Dearling and others in 1768.
(vii) Messuage and 1a. land called a Cotland surrendered by Katherine Richards in 1768.
(viii) Barn, 2 crofts, West Fields (5a.), Bittles Field (4.75a), Crutch Field (5a.), Bleedings (5.25a), Glovers Hill on South Downs (8frac34;a.), surrendered by Mary Glover in 1777.
(ix) Messuage called Froxall [Fox Hall], barn, orchard and garden being parcel of one yardland formerly Glovers, surrendered by Jack Budd in 1791.
(x) Garden called Hay alias Lees Garden; messuage, garden and orchard. Surrendered by William Cobden and Mary his wife in 1791.
Endorsed with counsel's opinions, 1810.
Publication Year: 1410
Media type: Other material
John Momfort, Mayor, and Thomas Pacchyng and Geoffrey Hebbe, citizens, of Chichester, to all: since all who have acquired lands or tenements in the City may, by its custom, dispose of them like chattels by their testament or last will, and since William Rose by his testament left his tenement in Westlane between the tenement late of John Carter on the north and that of John Dautrey on the south to Joan his wife for her life and then to be sold by the Mayor and two citizens, and since Joan has now closed her last day, we have sold the tenement to Geoffrey Rose of Chichester and Agnes his wife. Sealed with our seals and with that of the City. Witnesses, John Hay, Thomas Hayne, Simon Vyncent, John Phyppe, and Roger Plomer. Chichester, 12 Sept. 11 Henry IV
Seals, red wax: i. oval, 0.75 in., man kneeling before standing figure, inscription illegible; ii. a ragged staff and Lombard H; iii. City seal.
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